8 Smart Ways to Get Sponsors for Your Event

8 Smart Ways to Get Sponsors for Your Event

No matter how many events you’ve organized, one question you keep asking yourself before organizing every event is if your budget will cover all expenses. Organizing a grand event requires a grand budget which can be a challenge at times. The only person who can bail you out of this situation is a “SPONSOR”. But before you approach one, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, will you sponsor that event? If you’re still wondering ‘how to get sponsors for an event, here are 8 smart ways to do it.

1. Find Your Sponsors Digitally
Luckily we don’t have to walk about with a magnifying glass looking for a sponsor everywhere. We are blessed with technology and digital tools that make our life easy. Be it through social media or various search engines, it’s easy to find a sponsor these days. But once you’ve found one, do thorough research on the company and find out what matters to them and half of your battle is already won.

2. What Does Your Event Offer?
Use The WIFM Technique (What’s in it for me) to show your sponsors what your event will offer. Also, find out what your sponsor is looking for. Is it media coverage or brand advertising to your target audience. Show them a concrete plan of action with achievable goals. If you’ve organized events before with different sponsors, show them the results and how effective it has been.

3. Show Your Sponsors Who’s Your Target Audience
Let’s be honest, why would someone sponsor your event if your target audience doesn’t match theirs. Sponsors will willingly agree to offers funds if they see value in your proposition. You need to show them who your target audience is and how you plan to advertise their brand. Look for innovative sponsorship ideas to advertise their brand so it’s a win-win situation for both.

4. Look for Sponsors Who’ve Sponsored Similar Events
It may be the first time for you but not for the sponsor. Look out for sponsors who’ve previously sponsored events of the same industry. These companies already know how event sponsorship will help them and you. When you give your sales pitch, convincing them will be easier since they know their audience matches yours.

5. Take a Trial
As a sponsor, investing a large amount in a small event can be risky. Instead of taking a large amount, you can offer your sponsor a trial sponsorship plan. In this plan, they sponsor 40% of the amount and see how it works. It may be challenging for you to organize the event with lesser funds, but if everything works well, you’ve won the sponsorship for a lifetime (or until you organize your last event)

6. Create and Customize Sponsorship Packages as Per Your Sponsor’s Needs
When it comes to sponsorship, one size doesn’t fit all. Create multiple packages for your sponsors defining what each package will offer. You can additionally offer other benefits like reserving VIP tickets for the sponsor’s immediate family or giving them space at the venue to set up a booth. For example, a $25,000 package can include the brand logo on the tents, t-shirts, digital signage, and a sponsor booth. Similarly, a $10,000 package can offer them to play their ads on the big screen installed at the venue after every few hours depending on the duration of the event.

7. For a Change, Let A Sponsor Approach You
You’ve always been a creative guy full of innovative ideas for every event. Since last year, you’ve been handling the task of getting sponsors for the event. Your creative advertising ideas have impressed numerous sponsors, that they are willing to sponsor for events because of your advertising skills. Do you have it in you? Are you creative enough to attract sponsors for your event? Do things differently and soon you’ll see this dream turn into reality.

8. Nonprofit or Not, Know What Your Goals are
No sponsor will fund your event just because you’re serving the community. As a nonprofit event manager, you need to know what your goals are. Find out if your goals match theirs. You can easily find the company’s mission statement online to understand its goals. While fundraisers and charity events may help to support your cause, sponsors make a huge difference by sponsoring nonprofit events.

Ways to get sponsors shouldn’t be your only focus. Building and maintaining relationships is crucial as it’s not a one-time event you’ll need funding for. Be it through a casual email or just a quick catch up, make sure you value and appreciate them for supporting you financially for your event. As an event ticketing company, we may not be able to sponsor your event, but can surely help you save a lot on your ticketing fees. In fact, if you’re a nonprofit organization, we offer you a flat 50% off on your ticketing fees as a small contribution towards your event. Check out our holiday season offers and save on your fees. Sign up now and use our promo code- HOLIDAY25 to avail a 25% off on your ticketing fee.


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