8 Reasons Why You Must Choose Yapsody For your Next Event

8 Reasons Why You Must Choose Yapsody For your Next Event

Are you on the lookout for an online event ticketing platform to organize your events? Event creation, planning and promotions can be tedious for an event presenter if you’re not using the right online ticketing system to manage your event. In this post, we’ll take you through Yapsody’s eight awesome features that will help you manage your events easily, sell your event tickets and see quick results.

  1. Performance Customization – Do you organize one event over multiple days and time slots throughout the year? Regular event ticketing systems will require you to create a separate event from scratch for every one of those recurring events. On the other hand, Yapsody’s performance setup feature allows you to customize virtually every aspect of each recurring performance. All you need to do is edit the event and add your new event details. Believe us, this will save you a whole lot of time.
  2. Online Ticket Store – The online ticket store is a super easy and effective tool that lets you display all your events in one awesome page! It is so simple that even your cat can create it. All you have to do is upload a creative background image, your brand logo and external links to your social media pages and your online ticket store is ready. You can also design and make your own branded event tickets to promote future events, other products, and services, or your sponsors.
  3. Online Shopping Cart – Yapsody’s one-stop shopping cart lets your customers add tickets from multiple events to their carts until they are ready to checkout so customers can purchase multiple items in a single transaction.
  4. Virtual Box Office – We understand that event presenters have a multitude of activities to handle, from event logistics and production to advertising and promotions to boost ticket sales. This is why we’ve created “The Virtual Box Office” – a full-fledged feature that gives you single-click access to the event wizard, real-time sales analytics and reporting, inventory management and a lot more.
  5. Robust Reporting – Event reports are vital for every event company to know where they stand. Yapsody’s reports give you detailed information about your customers, your events, and most importantly, your sales conversion. Our reporting module has an option to create filters as per your requirement of data and helps you create something close to your own personalized dashboard for reporting!
  6. Event Marketing Tools – All that effort you put in organizing can go in vain if attendees don’t turn up at the event. At Yapsody, we give you the option to promote your event through our multiple social media sharing options. Leverage Yapsody’s integrated tool MailChimp to send out personalized email invites, reminders and important updates regarding your upcoming events.
  7. Payment Gateway System – Payment gateway systems authorize payments from the attendee’s account directly to your bank account. It is a convenient and secure method to collect payments from your attendees. Yapsody supports multiple and popular payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, and others for close to 60 countries across the globe making it easier for you to receive money from ticket sales directly to your bank account.
  8. Mobile Apps – From gaming to shopping, there are mobile apps for everything today. Mobile apps in the event industry, help event presenters save time and organize events better. Here are 2 such proprietary apps from Yapsody that ease the ticketing process:
  • YapScan – Use the YapScan app so your attendees can skip the long queues at your event. The app scans event tickets on your phone instantly and gives your attendees a seamless experience right at the entry point of the event.
  • YapStats – Want to track your event success real-time? The YapStats app allows you to check real-time statistics of your online ticket sales on your Android/iOS device. With real-time tracking and instant ticket sales reports, you can adjust your marketing strategy last-minute.

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If you’re planning your next event, you should know, we have much more to offer in terms of low fees and other features like reserved seating and general admission seating. What are you waiting for? Create your event and start selling your tickets online with Yapsody NOW!

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