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7 Twitter Polls That’ll Improve Your Event Management

7 Twitter Polls That’ll Improve Your Event Management

Twitter moves above and beyond to enhance its user experiences with new enhancements and features regularly. With Twitter doubling its character count from 140 to 280, it opened up a new format of SMM for brands and professionals to express themselves.

Much recently, Twitter polls and fleets were introduced which have boosted the engagement factor for many.  As a venue owner or an event organizer, you can tweet out Q&As and polls to engage with potential event attendees and plan your events better with their preferences and inclinations.

What makes Twitter Polls beneficial for the event ticketing and event management community? 

As you can see Twitter polls are a hit for announcing your events and have been a hit among event planners who’re announcing new events for launches, live acts, conferences, and so on. Read more about how businesses can utilize Twitter Polls

Being an event organizer, here are some Twitter polls that make your Event Planning & Management better: 

1. Which event venue would you prefer for (Event type /Event Name)?

A fairly simple question that has far-reaching implications in the time that we live in. Choosing between indoor and outdoor events has become a pain point for many event organizers which is why this question should be at the forefront of your Twitter poll strategy.

2. When should we host the event?

You may accidentally choose a date that clashes with another event that your potential attendees were planning to attend. So, if you have two dates in mind, put them up for a poll and let your audience decide.

3. What kind of amenities/safety protocols would you expect?

When event attendees feel ownership of their event experience, they’re most likely to pay a little extra for your event tickets. As per our global hospitality survey results, respondents from the U.S., Canada, Europe, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand are very likely to visit an event venue if the rule of compulsory face masks is in place.

Through such polls, you can understand which amenities and core offerings they need so they might enjoy your event more with their best interests kept in mind.

4. Which artists/live acts do you want to see in your city?

Cities differ culturally and so do their choices. It’s always wise to get your public opinion check done and avoid bringing in a band to a city-wide tour that has no interest in them. 

5.  Buckle up! It’s competition time!

Event attendees love a good quiz competition. You can choose to do a giveaway with a competition poll and see your Twitter engagement. 

6. Did you enjoy our surprise live act / Did you find the conference valuable?

Throw one of these out as part of your post-event feedback gathering. You could use Twitter polls during an online conference to ask them whether they agree with the speaker’s view for that real-time touch.

7. Have some fun!

Build some light-hearted rapport by asking some fun, rhetorical, or punny questions that do not have any right answers. 

Would you rather party… 

Using Twitter polls and fleets can simplify your event marketing team’s job by asking all the right questions. Not only will you collect important data in the time frame decided by you, but you will also improve your Twitter engagement by leaps and bounds.

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