7 Tips To Make Your Event Instagram-Worthy

7 Tips To Make Your Event Instagram-Worthy

A sure shot way to measure your event success is through its footprint on social media. Instagram has surpassed Facebook in popularity as it’s a highly visual platform for sharing live experiences by event presenters and their attendees. As an event presenter, waking up to your Instagram notifications blowing up with tags and mentions is a feeling next to none.  So, how does one create events that are Instagram-worthy? Follow our tips below to make your event attendees flood their Insta stories with your event hashtag. 

1. Create A Killer First Impression 

The event experience starts well before your actual event even takes place. Your attendees have a keen eye for aesthetics and will judge your branding the minute they land on your event ticketing page. Does it have enough to captivate them? Through our Online Ticket Store, give you can customize every element of it to reflect your brand. Not only that, you have the option of ticket customization to create an e-ticket that would be Instagram-worthy as well. 

2. Make Your Main Stage Memorable

It’s all about creating a memorable event, big or small. And the main stage is one of those crucial elements which will leave a lasting impression on your event attendees. When the event reaches those peak moments, be assured that their cameras will be pointed at your main stage.

3. Create Attention-Grabbing Backdrops

Your venue might be a common library or a theatre but it’s your responsibility to add a little bit of flavor. Something as simple as a quote as a backdrop will end up on Instagram. Or maybe a quirky signpost on the way to the restrooms that make it to the gram. 

4. Encourage Self-Expression

Does your fundraising event stand for a strong cause? Self-expression encourages them to participate actively. Give your event attendees an outlet to express themselves in your community-based events. Wall spaces for personal opinions surely make their way into Instagram posts. 

5. What’s Trending? 

Trends, they come and go. How you make the most out of that moment is what sets you apart from other event presenters. Strike when the iron is hot. A Baby Yoda inspired cocktail for your live music concerts, maybe? 

6. Invite Influencers 

Inviting celebrities, VIPs, and influencers is a sure-shot strategy to get those cameras clicking. Use their star power to generate user-generated content from your event attendees. Make use of our Reserved Seating to make sure your VIPs are not stuck in the queue and have their seating taken care of in advance.  

7. Create Your Unique Hashtag

Make it easier for your attendees to use the event-specific hashtag that they can latch onto. Keep the hashtag unique to your events and catchy. So, if you organize pub crawls on Thursdays, go for a combination of #ThirstyThursdays and your event-specific hashtag. Read more on How to Use Instagram for Your Event Marketing

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