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7 Tips To Increase Your Event Visibility On Facebook & Instagram

7 Tips To Increase Your Event Visibility On Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are two powerhouses of social media platforms that have become a crowd favorite among event presenters and attendees. It’s easier to share, find, and buy event tickets through these platforms apart from having a stronger visual impact. Needless to say, it’s vital for event organizers to enhance their event visibility on these ever-evolving channels to stay ahead of the game.

Here are 7 quick tips that will help increase your event visibility on Facebook and Instagram.  

1. Start Early 

Every event organizer knows the hustle of reaching out to a wider audience to build up that guest list. We’ve witnessed event planners who start almost a year in advance to get that early start. Starting early guarantees you an ample amount of time to revise and replan depending on the ground you need to cover. And once you start early, you can start pushing out teasers of your upcoming event to embed your brand in their minds. 

2. Share Your Events 

Once your plan is fixed, it’s time to create your event page and share your events. After creating your events through our online ticket store, you can start sharing your events on social media easily. The more channels and groups that you share your events in, the more chances of people noticing it. Make sure your ticket buying links are updated on Facebook and Instagram before sharing. 

3. Update Your Feed Regularly 

Just don’t bombard them. To stay on top of their news feed algorithm, you need to update your guests regularly with event tidbits to stay relevant in their minds. They deserve to make a ticket-buying decision only after they’re convinced that your event is well worth it. Keep updating your social media feed with artist line-ups, sponsors, keynote speakers, behind the scenes, food & dining options they expect and so on. 

4. Use Event Marketing Tools & Services

Not having enough time to create and manage your event marketing campaigns shouldn’t be an excuse to avoid it completely. Signing up on Yapsody is the only prerequisite to access our event marketing tools and services such as premium Event listing, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and MailChimp. Better yet, our in-house marketing specialists will take care of your campaigns for you. 

5. Hashtag Your Way To The Top

Instagram hashtags are the best way to organically increase your visibility. You never know where your potential ticket buyers are until you spread your wings. Create and use an event-specific hashtag with your brand hashtag that creates an instant recall in your ticket buyer’s mind. Use location, venue, and city-specific hashtags for a targeted approach. Also, learn how you can make your event Instagram-worthy

6. Create A Contest and Giveaway

Contests and giveaways awaken the adrenaline rush of participation winning something for free. As an event marketer you can do plenty to up the ante –  free tickets, group discounts, artist meet and greet. Facebook and Instagram are perfect for creating a contest as your followers are more likely to tag their friends on it. Thus, increasing your event visibility. 

7. Give Your Guests The Spotlight 

Event attendees want to be a part of your social media as it’s the ultimate proof of being a part of your event experience. This is where your hashtags come into play in furthering your visibility to potential audiences. You can set up a contest for attendees such as best dressed, whackiest selfies, or anything that brings your event into the light. User-generated content is organic and works in your favor to bring in more audiences for your upcoming events. 

Don’t have a large team to streamline your event marketing? Leave it to us and our in-house marketing specialists to boost your event visibility. The only pre-requisite is to sign up and create your event with us.

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