7 Things to Keep in Mind When Booking Your Event Venue

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Booking Your Event Venue

While sipping on your Macchiato, you decide it’s time to organize your next event. Since you hosted an event recently, you’ve already got the budget and the number of attendees figured out. But it turns out your regular venue is under renovation and won’t be available for the entire month. Now that you have to choose a different event venue, what should you consider before finalizing one? Well, we’ve got it all figured out. Here are 7 things to consider while booking a venue for an event.


While you make a list of venues, consider the cost. The later you book, the more expensive it gets. Hence plan your events well in advance. If you’re flexible with the dates, you can get a great deal for the venue you visualized for your event. Generally, Fridays and weekends are peak days for popular venues. Your best bet is to either plan early and block the dates or pay through your nose for these event venues.

While the cost of the venue may help you set the price for the event ticket, booking an event venue can turn out to be an expensive affair. To know more about setting event ticket prices, read our blog – ‘How To Price An Event Ticket in 3 Easy Steps’. 


Is your venue in the city or the outskirts? Is it easily accessible? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself while you book an event venue. While your attendees may easily find your events on our upcoming events page, if your venue isn’t easily found, your attendees may not even turn up for the event. Consider booking a venue that’s close to the airport, keeping in mind the time to get there during peak hours. Alternatively, if your venue is on the outskirts, you can offer your attendees free transportation to the venue. That way, your attendees can enjoy the bar as they don’t have to drive the bus back home. 


“Does the venue have a parking lot?” It’s the most common question every attendee asks before buying the ticket. Hence book event spaces that offer ample of parking space. But what if it doesn’t have one? You can look for parking lots nearby and book them subsequently while booking your venue. Or you can also offer valet parking so your attendees are not worried about someone robbing their car. 


While planning your event, you envision how the final event will look like. When you have to pick a venue, make sure your visualization matches the venue. For example, if you’re organizing an open mic stand up comedy with a famous artist like Louie Anderson, you need to visualize the layout of the venue, the tables, and chairs, the stage, and the bar if you’re planning to set one up. The venue layout will also give you an idea about the venue and the parking capacity, so you can plan your event accordingly.


Will your venue accommodate all your attendees? Every venue has its capacity. Depending on what event you’re organizing, figure out if the venue meets the required capacity. In addition to that, find out if your venue offers additional services like food and beverages or valet parking. Venues that offer food and beverages set up a  minimum spending amount which is also known as F&B minimums. This means the venue will charge you for a minimum number of guests regardless of whether you invite them or not. Since you’re paying for a certain number of guests, you might as well consider inviting them.


Does your venue offer services/amenities before or during the event? When you’re finalizing your venue, look for what services they offer. At times, we assume that the venue will not offer any extra amenities. One question can simply erase all the assumptions. Services/amenities can include:

  • Tables and Chairs 
  • Decor
  • AV & Sound Equipment
  • Staff to clean the venue before the event
  • Valet Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Food & Drinks
  • Bathrooms 


Would you prefer being stressed during the event, praying no accidents should occur? Or you’d prefer to take that insurance that’ll cover the entire event? Some venues prefer not to host any events if you’ve not taken insurance. Check with the venue about their requirements and if they have a contact. You can set aside a small portion of your budget for insurance and let everyone enjoy the event without any stress. 

Your venue is like that plain paper that you can be converted into a million-dollar piece of art with your ideas, imagination, and creativity. While you consider these 7 factors while booking your venue, make sure your venue is accessible to attendees with special needs. Additionally, if you want to make your event unique, offer wifi at your venue so your attendees can post live footage to their social media profiles. DO you already have a venue? Take our quiz to find out which event you can organize at your venue.

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