7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting an Event

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting an Event

From planning to selling the last ticket for the event, there’s a lot an event presenter has on his plate. With too many tasks to handle, things can go awry if you let certain slip-ups happen. Here are 7 mistakes every presenter should avoid.

  1. Inaccurate Budget Estimation – When you’re planning an event, budgets play an important role. Visualize your event to plan and create a budget keeping contingencies in mind. Don’t overspend and track your budget throughout the event organizing process.
  2. Not Promoting the Event – Without event promotion, any event is bound to fail. Use powerful tools like social media marketing, email marketing and paid advertising to promote your event. Develop effective marketing strategies and promotional techniques to reach out to a larger audience and increase ticket sales. To know more about event promotion tips using social media, read our complete blog on “The 6 Ultimate Social Media Channels for Event Marketing
  3. Lack of Engagement with Attendees – Don’t just send out invites to your attendees for your event. Build a relationship with them before and after the event as they can promote your event better than all of your marketing efforts combined. Giving away some cool freebies, sending personalized emails with free coupons, offering discounts for sharing your event are some of the ways to engage with your attendees. After the event, take feedback from them about what went well and what didn’t. Their feedback will help you improve your next event. Use email marketing to effectively communicate with your attendees about offers, invites and reminders for the event.
  4. Overdoing Email Marketing – While email marketing is the second most effective marketing technique, overdoing it can make you a spammer. Keep a check on the frequency of the promotional emails you send. Too many marketing emails can give you a bad reputation and affect ticket sales directly. Instead, use engaging content and creative visuals to grab your reader’s attention. Write an irresistible subject line and an intriguing preview text that will compel your reader to open the email. Read our complete blog on “7 Effective Event Email Marketing Strategies to Sell More Tickets
  5. Improper Signage – Let’s say your attendee arrived ten minutes early to your event. After a two-hour long drive, he wants to freshen up and set his hair before watching his favorite artist perform live on stage. He’s looking around but can’t seem to find any signs and time’s running out. This just led to poor experience number one. He now has five minutes to look for a volunteer and ask for directions. Avoid this at all costs! Assume every attendee is coming to your event for the first time and place clear signages all around the venue for easy navigation. Additionally, you can give appropriate instructions while setting up your event on the online ticket store, so your attendees come to the event well prepared.
  6. Lack of Coordination – Be it a large event or a small one, if you miss out on coordinating with your team and suppliers about their responsibilities, you are on your way to disaster. Assign tasks in a way that they know what is expected of them, so they fulfill their tasks in the stipulated time.
  7. Not Selecting the Right Event Ticketing System – Every event eventually depends on a ticketing system to sell their tickets. If you randomly pick a ticketing system without prior research, you’ll end up wasting more time and money. Choose an online ticketing system with good features and low ticketing fees. That way you will save more and can utilize that amount for event promotion or to set up more events.

Mistakes are bound to happen, but if you are careful enough, you’ll have a successful event. We all know the famous dictum “Prevention is better than Cure” or “Forearmed is Forewarned”. Our online ticketing system gives you the best features at incredibly low prices so you can save more time and money and effectively use the saved up money for your next event. You can also choose to mark-up the ticketing fee as extra revenue or simply pass on the savings to your customers to encourage more sales. Either way, the extra cash goes into your pocket, which definitely makes your event a huge success. Sign up with Yapsody for free and sell your first 50 tickets for free.

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