7 Event Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

7 Event Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Event marketing is helpful for improving your conversions effectively if done right. Amongst an ever-growing community of event organizers, event marketers, and hospitality professionals, event marketing is that common thread that sets them apart. 

Through corrective event marketing tactics and measures, you can: 

  • Develop new business relationships & partnerships
  • Increase your brand awareness 
  • Improve lead generation and ROI

The intent of event marketing remains universal, however, many might diverge to a path that might be causing more harm than good. To help you stay on the right track, here are the blunders that you should avoid for all your upcoming events. 

Here Are 7 Event Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: 

  • Not Aligning Your Business Objective

Your event marketing is a medium to achieve your business goals. What exactly is your event going to yield for you? Is it a sold-out venue or a niche guest list for your next conference? Or is it simply to capture new leads for your yearly expo? Shortlisting your goals will help you align your event marketing strategy to match your business objectives.   

Event planning and budget allocation go hand in hand. Many a time, organizers end up miscalculating their expenses and end up in a soup. 

Pro-tip:  It’s folly to start creating a budget without keeping contingencies in mind. The idea is to get more for less and keep some in reserve for plan B. This is where you need to figure out your event logistics budget, ticket pricing, and marketing budget to make sure you’re aligned with your business objective. 

  • Overpromising & Underdelivering

Once you’re through with budget allocation, you can start building up your event branding and event page visibility. Your Yapsody Online Ticket Store is a definitive portal to display everything event-related. With the option to link your website, video channels, and social media, avoid going overboard with your event descriptions and expectations. 

Event attendees want to experience what they were promised while booking their event tickets. Maybe you go a bit over their expectations which is a good thing, however, if your event marketing communications promised them a ride to the moon, you better buckle up to deliver as nobody likes false promises. Being upfront and clear will help you retain your future attendees. 

  • Lack Of Team Communication

Your marketing managers may be the ones running your event marketing plans but it’s crucial for all your event team members to be on the same page. If you’re offering a last-minute discount on your social media platforms, it’s important to communicate that to your on-ground staff to avoid any confusion. 

As a Yapsody user, you can facilitate maximum team efforts with our User Access Control feature. Whether yours is a tightly-knit crew or a larger workforce that makes it happen, expedite their unified team operations to avoid anything slipping through the cracks. 

  • Last-Minute Event Pre-Buzz

Last-minute event promotions are glorified in the event industry but it can be a PR disaster for many. Some can pull it off and some just cannot. However, when it comes to building your event pre-buzz, it’s highly recommended to start well in advance of the D-Day.

2-3 months prior to any event is a good place to start whereas if it’s a huge music festival or yearly expo, it’s recommended to start a year in advance so your event attendees can plan, book, and make the journey to your event destination.

  • Spamming Your Attendees

Email marketing is a free tool for many but spamming them with event invites, discounts, and reminders continuously can be off-putting for many. Being subtle and optimizing your email marketing campaigns will reap more benefits.  

Here are a few email marketing metrics that’ll help you strategize for better personalization, segmentation, and automation.

  • Not Leveraging Partner Affiliations 

Your biggest event marketing mistake could be not affiliating with your event partners. With the right partnership from vendors, venue owners, speakers, artists, and sponsors you can branch out further through their network and social media followers. You can create co-branded videos with your event affiliates and leverage YouTube for your event marketing

Pro-tip: Conclude your event marketing video with a slide of your co-branded partners and affiliates. That way, even your affiliates will feel compelled to share it on their social platforms.

  • Avoiding Post-Event Marketing

Most event marketing strategists are so caught with the pre-event buzz and promotional material, that they forget about post-event marketing. 

To complete a full circle of marketing, you need to deploy tactics such as:

  • Thank You Mails
  • Post-event surveys
  • Re-sharing their event day posts on social media
  • Feedback forms
  • Exclusive invite to your upcoming events

Not only can you measure your event success by gathering insights from audiences, but you’re also creating a lead nurturing cycle for all your future events. 

Need the A-Z of event planning from Day 1 to D-Day? Get more insights and actionable points from our Event Planning Checklist that help stay on the right track. 

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