7 Effective Event Email Marketing Strategies to Sell More Tickets

7 Effective Event Email Marketing Strategies to Sell More Tickets

Email marketing is a simple process of promoting your brand, increasing attendee engagement and introducing products via emails. But are your attendees reading your emails? Or are they landing in the Promotions tab? Improve your email marketing strategy to increase attendee engagement and boost online ticket sales.

According to Statista’s 2019 research about email users worldwide, global email users is set to grow to 4.3 billion users by 2022. That’s half of the world’s population! Event presenters can use email marketing as an incredibly powerful tool to convey messages directly to the attendees. However, there has been a drop in the email marketing reach due to the frequency and volume of emails people receive, spam filters and the introduction of the Gmail Promotions tab. In spite of these challenges, you can still get your message across using our 7 most powerful email marketing ideas.

  1. The Right Time to Send an Email: The best time for high open rates and click-through rates is between 8 pm to midnight. Also, emails sent over the weekend outperformed emails sent on the weekdays. Timing does play an important role in email marketing. According to studies, good days to send emails on weekdays are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Event presenters can use this marketing strategy to increase the email open rate and click-through rate.
  2. Use Visuals: According to research conducted by 3M corporation, visuals are processed 60k times faster than text, which is why using visuals in the form of creative GIFs or videos improves the open and click rates for your overall email marketing campaign. That said, including random GIFs won’t get your attendees to necessarily respond positively. The key to increasing your conversion rates is using the required amount of GIFs which is ideally one and conveying the right message through it.
  3. Choose the Right Subject Line: A catchy subject line can win you more click-throughs and increase the email open rate.
    • Keep short and irresistible subject lines.
    • Your subject line should have an element of urgency or curiosity that will make them open the email.
    • Ensure the sender’s name is friendly, more like a person’s name.
    • Add an offer
  4. Mobile-Friendly: Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. From gaming, shopping, social media to entertainment, everything is available in the palm of your hand. This is also the device a lot of your attendees use to browse through upcoming events and book tickets online. To provide a great experience for your attendees, implement a responsive design. Create a one-column template with a tappable CTA button (Call to action). Emphasize on the CTA button – it has to be clear and obvious.
  5. Event Follow up Email: Event presenters give in a lot of time to plan, organize and promote an event. But what about the after-event activity? You may have sent a number of marketing emails to your attendees to promote your event. Similarly, it’s time you thank your attendees for making your event a huge success. Valuable feedback from them can help you make your next event better.
  6. A/B Testing: Testing is the best way to determine which campaign is doing better than the other in terms of open or click rate. In A/B testing, you create two versions of the same email campaign and send it to a small portion of your list. You can do A/B testing in 3 ways:
    • Subject Line- You can have a different subject line for each version
    • Sender name- Try different sender name for each version
    • Email Content- Try different content or header title or visual content
    • To decide which email campaign is doing better, set up a performance metric with total click on a selected link or open rate as the testing point. Monitor the A/B tests and identify which campaign works better for you.
  7. Social Media: Social media network is a powerful way to build your email list. Majority of your target audience today is on social media. Thus adding high-value and valuable content on social media channels about your event can increase your reach and boost ticket sales. Give your attendees a reason to keep coming back to your social media channel for offers and discounts.

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