6 Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Visibility During An Online Event

6 Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Visibility During An Online Event

Brand-building is important in many contexts, but with more events moving online, you may struggle to generate the recognition your business deserves unless you are prepared to overcome the limitations of virtual meetings.

To Get You Started, Here Are 6 Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Visibility During An Online Event. 

1. Branded Swag Bags Will Always Be A Hit

Swag bags are a staple of events attended in person, and they can be just as impactful in an online get-together, so long as you pack them with the right goodies.

Get inspiration and ideas for your next event by looking at the kind of swag that others send out to participants, such as branded clothing and stationery, branded edible items, and even bespoke board games and luxury goods.

Most importantly, aim to make sure the swag fits the event, rather than adding anything you have lying around. Also, remember to send the bags out well in advance so that they arrive in time for the event.

2. Make A Virtual Background That Features Your Branding

Virtual backgrounds are available in many modern online meeting platforms, and as well as providing you with privacy and a way to express your personality, they can also be used for brand-building purposes.

Whether you just set your background to feature your corporate colors, add your business name and logo, or use them to showcase whatever product or service you are promoting, effective use of a custom virtual background is essential.

3. Integrate A Charitable Aspect

If you are stewarding the online event and you want to establish positive associations with your branding, you could feature a charitable element. This will allow participants to appreciate your event apart from the business, while also seeing your brand as one that is willing to share the spotlight with a good cause.

Pick a charity that is relevant to the industry. You could also incentivize giving by making it a charity raffle, selling tickets, and giving away branded gifts to lucky winners. Use our FLAT 50% Non-profit Rebate for all your fundraisers & charities and manage your cash flow better. 

4. Themed Events Can Enhance Brand Identity

Online events are ten a penny these days, so if you want yours to stand out from the crowd then it is a good idea to choose as unique a theme as possible.

Bear in mind that the theme will only reinforce your brand and make it more visible if it is also appropriate to its identity and to the kind of ethos you are aiming to embody as an organization. If your brand is fun and engaging, then a more light-hearted theme makes sense, although for more serious brands a degree of sincerity will make more sense.

5. Update Your Website

If you are going to be sharing online resources and content with participants during an event, you want to make sure that the pages you direct them to are up to scratch and represent your brand well.

Conversely, if your website is looking a little long in the tooth, it might give off the wrong impression about your business, hence why making tweaks before an event will be worthwhile.

6. Invite Special Guests

Having exclusive attendees involved in your online event to represent your brand will strengthen it and increase its profile by association.

As with all of the aspects covered above, you need to prepare any guest participants well in advance rather than leaving it to the last minute, as this will ensure the best chances of success. An Invite-Only event is a way to go during the time of socially distanced gatherings. 

We hope these 6 strategic tips enhance your brand visibility and create flawless brand recall among your audiences. For more industry updates and trends, stay tuned to our Yapsody blog.

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