6 Tips For Creating An Effective Event Press Release

6 Tips For Creating An Effective Event Press Release

Event managers are no strangers to panicking at the thought of creating an impactful press release. Even though a press release is a simple article that announces your event to journalists for further propagation, fussing about every little detail and design guidelines can take up much of your time.

Being an industry leader in sharing event insights, you can either keep worrying or  get the best out of the 6 tips below that will help you create an effective press release:

1. Quality Over Everything 

A short paragraph can still convey an impactful message provided you get to the point in a precise manner. The readers are trying to get to the point and understand what your press release is about, so you better draft an article that adheres to quality standards with key pointers. Make sure the language you use is publish-worthy, appealing to your readers, and maintains the essence of your event.

2. Stick to The Sweet Spot

Booked an international surprise act to headline your live music concert? Make that the highlight your event press release which functions as a sweet spot and will rope in 70-80% of the target audience. 

These sweet spots could end being your headlines or bylines: 

  • An exclusive speaker
  • A brand new venue opening
  • A scrumptious buffet cooked up by Masterchefs

3. Bylines Are Your Best Friends

Bylines are the main hook or additional line that is placed right under the headline. It not only enhances your press release but could also work as a hashtag or social media campaign of your event. 

If the press release is titled Yapsody Presents Texas Poker Night, the byline could elaborate the event title and could be something like: Catch the (international act) LIVE at #YapsodyPokerNight

4. Don’t Forget The 5 W’s

Journalists are not a fan of long-form content and you shouldn’t give them too many editing loopholes. As an event marketer, you’d want to put out all the necessary information that the public might be interested to know such as indoor/outdoor seating, social distancing and safety regulations, price list, event dates, and so on. 

Cut your press release short by addressing the 5 W’s – What, Where, When, Who, and Why – in a nutshell.

5. Quotes Go Hand-in-Hand 

Quotes go hand-in-hand with your event press releases. Maybe your keynote speaker had put in a good word about you for your previous event, or perhaps your event attendees have spoken highly about your event management on social media. Frame it up in quotes and add it to your press release for improving your brand standing and authenticity. 

6. Takeaways

Wrap up your press release with key contact details, event pre-register links, app download links for booking tickets, and so on which help your readers take action. Don’t forget to add in your social media handles in case they’d like to check out your past events and upcoming events. 

Last but not least, proofread your press release maybe 3-4 times and get a fresh set of eyes to overlook it before sending it out. 

There you have it. 6 tips to help you create an impact event press release without sweating it out over the minute details. Do check out how an effective event proposal streamlines your event management and revenue generation better

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