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6 Strategic Measures To Sell Out Your Halloween Event

6 Strategic Measures To Sell Out Your Halloween Event

Now that we’ve re-affirmed your thoughts on Whether COVID-19 Mean No Halloween Events? let’s move on to the finer details. Whether or not you’ve decided on planning Halloween parties, there are a few key steps to take note of – such as your logistics and marketing strategy that will help your revenue generation possibilities. 

Here Are 6 Strategic Measures To Sell Out Your Halloween Event In 2020

1. Choose Your Venue With Care

It goes without saying, but an outdoor event is the most viable option when it comes to your event attendee safety. Consider the fact that your Halloween event will be attended by parents and their children in costumes and avatars that might require a lot of moving about. With enough space to move about and maintain social distancing, it’s crucial that you choose your event venue wisely. You could also set up an invite-only event that gives your attendees a sigh of relief from bracing an overcrowded Halloween. 

2. Tweak Your Halloween Event Branding

Sure the masks and hazmat suits might be the thing of the season but as an event organizer, try not to go overboard with your Halloween branding that might put off potential ticket buyers. Avoid pandemic-related themes and illustrations while customizing your tickets and emails. Stick to budget-friendly Halloween themes with traditional roots that appeal to kids and parents alike. Also, learn more about branding your event safety equipment in the new normal.

3. Make It A Family Package

Parents are unlikely to allow their children to be alone at your venue unsupervised. This is why you need to create a family package deal such as 2 parents + 1 child or 2 children + 1 adult supervisor that makes it convenient and budget-friendly for your audience. You can easily sell out more tickets with this strategy. 

4. Themed Social Media Campaign

To leap the COVID barrier of getting across the right message, make sure your social media campaigns follow a chosen theme and tonality. Following a “TOUCH ME NOT”  or a STRANGER THINGS thematic? Make sure your social media campaign for lead generation follows the essence of that theme thoroughly to build the much-needed buzz. Part of our #NoTricksOnlyTreats campaign has already kicked off on our social media channels which are themed around giving back to our community of event presenters.

5. Pour Some Pumpkin Spice On Your Ad Copies

Running ads to give your Halloween campaign a much-needed boost? Make sure you update your ad copies that reflect the tonality of the times. If done correctly, you could fast-track your ticket sales in no time. Conducting surveys prior to your event will help you gauge your attendee preferences, customize your ad messaging, and eventually lead to a successful event that exceeds their expectations. 

6. Sprinkle Those Last Minute Discounts 

Got a few handfuls of tickets left? Why not use different types of discounts a week prior to your event? Building a sense of urgency through last-minute discount emails or social media posts will have you sell out your Halloween event in no time.

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