6 Steps To Boost Your Event Ticket Sales On Social Media

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6 Steps To Boost Ticket Sales On Social Media - Yapsody
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Social media is ruling the internet world with large number of people actively present on this platform. Using this medium for event marketing is a win-win situation. If you properly know the craft of using it, you can increase your ticket sales and hence, the number of your event attendance. Here’s how you can up the selling of your event tickets using social media marketing.

Encouraging to Share

Encourage your attendees to spread a word about your event amongst their friends. You can ask them to share about the event on their social profiles, and in return appreciate their gesture by offering discounts on event ticket prices.

Photos Sharing and re-sharing

Use social channels such as Instagram and Facebook to share and re-­share photos. Upload photos of the pre-event and post-event and share it across. You can tag your event attendees in these photos to keep their interests and excitement alive.

Contests and prizes

Organizing contests for the audience will of course, evoke interests. And if the contests come along with some amazing gifts and prizes, it will be even more impactful. Whosoever is interested will take part in it and share on their profiles for friends and others to participate. However, make sure that entry to the contests involves easy steps; complicated steps can dispel your potential buyers.

Engaging on Twitter

Spend time on Twitter to engage with your audience and increase followers. Make sure that your tweets include keywords and unique hashtags relevant to your event. Do not forget to provide in each tweet a link of your webpage where one can buy ticket or register for the event. Also, increase the frequency of tweeting as one may miss out. You can also make use of several Twitter ad campaigns options.

Promoting eminent speaker or personality

If your event has eminent speakers or personalities, start promoting them. You can also request them to notify their followers about their presence on your event. This serves the double promotions – the speaker as well as the event.

Marketing on Reddit

Using Reddit to market your event is a way different than Facebook or Twitter. There’s already a community ready to expel you if you come across as someone who’s just on this channel to promote your brand. Submitting your links on Reddit will generate good sales leads to sell your tickets and brand exposure. However, there are certain norms that you need to follow on how to promote your event on Reddit.

First, you need to be clear about the community or subreddits (sub-communities) you are aiming for. Your objective should be to engage with the community and not promotion.

Add value to the community by interacting with the members, and providing a valuable content. Make a mention of your product when the time is right.

Be true to yourself and maintain a conversational tone while engaging with the redditors. Before submitting yours, make sure you understand what sort of content works here.

So, start implementing these simple measures and you will see a great surge in ticket sales.

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