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6 Marketing Services That Make Event Management Easier

6 Marketing Services That Make Event Management Easier

Marketing services that help improve and align your event marketing strategies to improve your business standing online are plenty. However, the event industry is quite dynamic, having to transition their planning and management according to the ever-evolving landscapes.

Coming out of hibernation that 2020 was, many event organizers and hospitality entities strengthening their marketing to re-open and spread the word. The front line of communication undoubtedly is marketing which is why we’re here to guide you with these 6 marketing services that will make your event management easier. 

Here Are our 6 Marketing Services That Make Event Management Easier:

Event marketing has always been about first impressions that have the potential of creating a lasting impression. Of course, with our in-built event branding elements, you can get a head start for building an impressive event page.

However, creating a strong event persona is not enough. Your brand communication and storytelling need to be highly targeted and create a strong recall by: 

With our Branding services, we do just that through brand-centric optimized content and visualization. So if it’s a simple event invite, social media post, event press release, or a yearly event campaign, be assured that your branding will always be on point. 

The whole idea of an event or gathering involves the coming together of people to engage, interact, and indulge. Whether it’s through community forums, social media channels, marketing automation campaigns, or online impression building, it’s crucial to keep your event attendees in the loop in your pre-event and post-event phases.

Our Audience Engagement services uplift your brand purpose, consistency, and emotions to distinguish you from the competition with a unique identity.

Our communication specialists make it easier to stay connected with the right messaging frequency.

One of the biggest challenges any event management entity faces is event visibility and reach. With no one landing on your event pages, you will not be able to sell your event tickets quickly.

Although our in-built SEO tool helps optimize your event SEO, through our customized SEO services, you can event website and other channels can take an upward curve through: 


An event marketer’s best friend when it comes to getting the word out from the word “GO”.  Social media marketing is one of the main pillars of event marketing and rightly so. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube at their disposal, the event promotion and ticketing selling process becomes a streamlined affair.

Whether it’s about hosting a professional event or an event promotional Twitter campaign, our digital marketing services work in tandem to create the best possible social strategy for your brand of event management. 

Our ticketing platform users have been seamlessly using our Mailchimp Email Marketing integration to create their custom audiences and sync mailing lists.

Staying connected with your attendees by promoting upcoming events, sending invites, reminders, newsletters, and real-time updates becomes a breeze with this integration. However, considering the dynamic nature of the event industry, re-inventing your event’s email marketing campaigns is of the utmost importance. 

Based on the top 5 email marketing trends of 2021, you should be including the following into your plan: 

For instance, if you conducted a survey campaign in 3 different phases for your event attendees and a few didn’t participate in the first one, you could send them a follow-up email instead of pushing out the 2 other surveys and have them unsubscribe for spamming. 

Expecting to sell out your event tickets just a few days or weeks before the D-Day? Well, our Surcharge feature can help you boost overall turnover. 

Throw in some online paid ads to boost those tickets into a targeted set of audiences can exponentially increase the chances of selling out even quicker. Chances are that few interested event attendees saw your event but didn’t really feel compelled to purchase it. 

With our Online Advertising services, you can utilize remarketing and retargeting ad techniques in a strategic way to bring back potential event audiences and turn them into leads. Now, isn’t it a great way to bring things to a full circle? 

Our marketing services have always been solving intricate challenges faced by different enterprises. Starting off from your branding requirements to social media marketing to last-minute ticket sales, these 6 marketing services will help you gain the edge over your competitors. 

To learn more about how our services can be customized to suit your event marketing and management, please reach out to us and sign up for our event ticketing platform.

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