6 Hacks to Boost Facebook Campaign for Your Event

6 Hacks to Boost Facebook Campaign for Your Event

What’s the one common thing between an event and Facebook? They’re able to draw communities together. With more than 2.45 billion monthly active users (October 2019), Facebook has become the event presenter’s prime spot for promotion. If every presenter promotes their event on Facebook, what are you doing differently to stand out? Here are 6 hacks to boost your Facebook campaign and generate sales for your event.

Enhance your Event Page
Event promotion on Facebook begins with the Event Page. If you’ve not already created an event page, then start right away. Here’s what you need to do,

  • Create an event from the create menu
  • Take an appealing and informative image/video to describe your event, one that will draw attention.
  • Write a creative event description
  • Add details about the location of your event
  • Add all the necessary details of your event.
  • Do add a link to your online event ticket store on the page to encourage your customers to purchase tickets instantly.

Use Video to Promote your Event
Videos tend to be a better way for promotion as the content is engaging, memorable and drives more traffic than regular text ads. To begin with, create a featured video of your event. Post it on your event page. Always remember to add your event page link in the description. As it reaches your attendees, they’ll share it further, increasing the reach of your event organically.

Engage With Your Attendees
Contests, quizzes and polls are some of the ways to engage with your attendees. Roll out contests with attractive prizes. You can offer giveaway tickets as a prize for the winner. Alternatively, you can turn your attendees into reps. Offer freebies on sharing your event to a certain number of people online. Offer them referral discounts on being able to get their friends and family to the event.

Paid Ads on Facebook
No doubt, Facebook is free. But when you invest a little in paid advertising, you can achieve excellent results. With Facebook Paid Ads, you can reach out to your right audience. To create a paid ad, use Facebook Ads manager. Select your objective, whether it is brand awareness, to increase your reach or promote your event page. Once you select your marketing objective, the next step is to define your budget and selecting your target audience. Choose your budget as to how much you’d like to spend to boost your event. Select your target audience based on gender, age, location and interests. Select the area you’re targeting and create your ad, either using an existing ad or creating a new one with an appealing image. To track sales conversion from your ad, use your account’s Facebook pixel on your main events page.

Implement Facebook Stories Feature
Facebook Stories is one of the most popular ways of promoting your event to your target audience. Not only does it make the attendees curious about the event, but it can boost your ticket sales too. Highlight the details like the venue location, date and time of the event. If it’s an annual event, share video testimonials of your happy attendees from last year. Positive experiences when shared through video testimonials help to increase ticket sales online.

Track Facebook Campaign Using Facebook Pixel
Tracking your campaigns give you a fair idea of where you stand in terms of your performance. Use the Facebook tracking tool “Pixel” to track your marketing campaign. Check all information from how many visitors you have on your event page to the number of people that have purchased your tickets.

With these hacks and our cost-effective online ticketing system, you’re sure to promote your event to a larger audience and increase ticket sales for your events. Sign up Now! Sell your first 50 tickets for free.

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