6 Hacks To Boost Your Event’s Facebook Campaign

6 Hacks To Boost Your Event’s Facebook Campaign

What’s the one common thing between an event and Facebook? They’re able to draw communities together in a single venue and platform respectively. With more than 2.89 billion monthly active users (September 2021), Facebook has become the event presenter’s prime channel for event marketing. If every presenter or hospitality venue promotes their event on Facebook, what are you doing differently to stand out? 

Here are 6 Hacks to Boost your Event’s Facebook Campaign:

1. Enhance Your Event Page

Event promotion on Facebook begins with a fully equipped Event Page that gives your potential attendees all the necessary information. If you’ve not already created an event page, then start right away. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create an event from the create menu
  • Upload an appealing yet informative image/video to describe your event, one that will draw attention.
  • Chalk out a creative event description with the necessary details as well.
  • Add details about your event location.

Add a link to your Online Ticket Store to encourage your followers to purchase tickets instantly.

2. Use Video Content

Video content tends to be a better way for event promotion as the content is engaging, memorable and drives more traffic than regular text ads. To begin with, create a featured video of your past events and highlight it on your event page to give your audiences a glimpse of what they can expect. Don’t forget to add your branding and event details at the end of your video to prompt action. 

Don’t forget to get complete insight on our Guide To Social Media Video Marketing.

3. Engage With Your Attendees

Contests, quizzes, and polls are some of the interactive ways to engage with your Facebook audience. Roll out contests with attractive prizes where you can offer giveaway tickets as a prize for the winner. 

Alternatively, you can turn your attendees into brand reps. Offer freebies on sharing your event with a certain number of people online. Offer them referral discounts or on being able to get their friends and family to the event.

4. Run Paid Ads

With Facebook Paid Ads, you can reach out to your right audience. To create a paid ad, use Facebook Ads manager to select your objective, whether it is brand awareness, reach, or event page promotion. Once you select your marketing objective, the next step is to define your budget and select your target audience. 

Sticking to an event budget will help you decide how much to spend on Facebook Ads. Select your target audience based on gender, age, location, interests, and then select the area you’re targeting to create your ad, either using an existing ad or creating a new one with an appealing image.

Our 5 Step Strategy To Enhance Lead Generation Using Facebook Ads can surely help deep-diving into the world of paid advertising. 

5. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is an interactive manner of promoting your pre-event and post-event activities. Facebook being the parent company of Instagram, you can cross-post all your Instagram stories on Facebook for an amplified event marketing effect. 

Highlight the event details such as venue location, date, and time of the event. If it’s an annual event, share video testimonials of your happy attendees from last year. Our Event Marketer’s 9 Step Guide To Instagram Stories will surely get that visual edge while promoting your events online.

6. Use Facebook Pixel Tracking

Tracking your campaigns gives you a fair idea of where you stand in terms of your performance. Create a Tracking Pixel with Facebook for your Online Store to check all information from how many visitors you have on your event page to the number of people that have purchased your tickets. 

Mapping your audience’s journey will help you measure the conversions you are getting from that platform to gauge how effectively it’s working for you.

Now that you’re aware of these simple dictates of your event’s Facebook advertising strategy, you might need ad specialists who can specialize in paid ads to increase your brand visibility. 

Our online advertising and paid marketing services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Google Display Advertising   
  • Search Advertising & Budgeting (SEM, PPC)
  • Video View Campaigns
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • In-App Advertising 
  • Ad Campaign Performance Analysis & Reporting

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