6 Event Marketing Tools & Services To Reach A Wider Audience

6 Event Marketing Tools & Services To Reach A Wider Audience

One thing every event organizer dreams about is a SOLD OUT EVENT. No one enjoys a live music concert or a conference with a handful of attendees turning up. The more the merrier is the motto every event organizer and attendee lives by. The key to reaching that sold-out status is by reaching a wider audience. Not only a wider audience but the right audience otherwise you’re just shooting in the dark. 

Luckily for you, creating an event on Yapsody is the only prerequisite for utilizing our event marketing tools and services to supercharge your audience reach. Here’s something your event marketers to amp up their efforts and reach a wider audience.  

1. SEO Optimization For Events

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When you start off by creating events on our Online Ticket Store, you can optimize those events to rank higher on Google Search. Using the right keywords and description, you can increase the traffic to your online ticket store. This is one of the highly recommended, cost-free methods of reaching the right audience.

2. MailChimp Integration 

Once you’re done publishing your event, the next step should be marketing it to your existing guest list. With our MailChimp integration, you can send catchy emails to your event attendees to update them about your upcoming event. Maybe throw in an early bird discount to quickly sell out the first phase of tickets. 

3. Premium Event Listing 

Many of our event presenters prefer to spread the word through our high traffic generating website. With our Premium Event Listing, you can increase your visibility by almost 10x by getting listed in your choice of event category. 

Screenshot – Premium Event Listing

4. Social Media Sharing

As an event presenter, the more channels you utilize to display your events, the better. Posting our events from our social media channels is a guaranteed approach for reaching a wider audience and increase your ticket sales. Our numbers speak for themselves. 

Event Marketing Services

Screenshot – Yapsody Facebook Insights

5. Facebook Pixel Tracking

Optimizing and sharing your event pages isn’t enough to stay ahead of the game. You need to track your ticket buyer’s behavior and improve your strategy if required. With our Facebook Pixel Tracking tool, know exactly where your potential ticket buyers dropped off in their buying cycle to further improve your marketing tactics. 

6. Google Analytics Integration

Easy, reliable, and accurate. Our Google Analytics integration is one of the most sought after tools. In pursuit of that perfect event, it’s necessary to understand which channels worked best in increasing your ticket sales and which didn’t. With Google Analytics, you get valuable insights that streamline your entire event marketing campaign.

Looking to take marketing strategy up a few notches? Read how to Step Up Your Event Marketing Strategy in 2020. 

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