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Event Marketing – Improving Your Twitter Followers Organically

5 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers Organically

5 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers Organically

Are you able to build a decent number of followers on Twitter? Buying followers is easy and appears overwhelming. But, how many of them would genuinely be interested in your events? 

They won’t be able to aid in generating event conversions which is why it’s always better to grow your Twitter followers organically and ethically. 

For our budding event marketers, here are 5 ways for improving your Twitter followers organically:

1. Optimize Twitter Profile

Begin your Twitter journey with an attractive yet optimized profile. Don’t overload your event attendees and followers with everything about your brand. Keep your Twitter bio optimized with relevant event keywords relevant to event categories. 

After creating your profile, ask yourself – will it invoke interest in your Twitter followers? If it is yes, well done, you are good to go ahead.

2. Create Concise Content

Now, take a look at the nature of the event content you are going to share. Is it powerful enough to engage readers? If your tweet lacks quality, it is not worthy of reading. No one will visit your profile if you continue to share irrelevant content. Keep a tab on your competitors and target audience to understand what type of tweet works on Twitter. Include links, event videos, Twitter polls, and images to grab more attention.

Learn more about creating content marketing campaigns that will help Position Your Brand As A Thought Leader.

3. Make Relevant Connections

Devote time to make connections with relevant VIP event attendees, sponsors, ticketing partners, influencers, and F&B brands. You can start by following them, liking and retweeting their tweets, and engaging with them regularly. This is how you can build a relationship with the audience and promote your events on Twitter.

4. Automate Your Tweeting Frequency

Twitter is a fast-paced medium, where countless tweets keep popping up regularly. There’s every chance that readers may have missed out on what you have just tweeted. To make yourself noticeable, keep tweeting consistently with intent and leverage trending hashtags. 

Marketing automation is great for scheduling your tweets so that your potential audience gets the impression that you are active on Twitter. But, don’t forget quality control in all your tweets. With more engagement frequency, comes a good batch of followers. 

Here are few Best Practices to Keep in Mind For Twitter Engagement.

5. Promote Your Events

Leave no room to promote your new and upcoming events because that’s how one will start noticing your brand on Twitter. Share your Online Ticket Store link through Tweets, polls, GIFs, videos, and images. Provide a Twitter handle in the business cards, company’s websites, and most importantly, in your blogs so that interested readers can follow you.

Well, this was a quick take on improving the count of Twitter followers organically but earning followers is a time-consuming process.

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