5 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers Organically For Your Event

5 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers Organically For Your Event

Are you able to garner a decent number of followers on Twitter? Buying followers is easy and appears overwhelming. But, how many of them would genuinely be interested in you? I am sure the number would be discouraging, which isn’t good for SMM (Social Media Marketing). They won’t be able to aid in generating leads and conversions, and won’t serve much purpose for SEO too. It’s always better to grow your followers ethically. With a robust online event registration platform like Yapsody, you also get a host of event marketing services to enhance your Twitter marketing.
Meanwhile, here are some simple ways to get loyal and organic followers.

Impressive Profile

Begin your Twitter journey with an attractive profile. You can’t overload with information in the limited space of the ‘Bio’ section but wise use of it can make it look very impressive. Structure your intro using catchy keywords relevant to your business and using some creativity. After creating your profile, ask yourself – will it invoke interest in readers? If it is yes, well done, you are good to go ahead.

Content Power

Now, take a look at the nature of the content you are going to share. Is it powerful enough to engage readers? If your tweet lacks quality, it is not worthy of reading. No one will visit your profile if you continue to share boring content. Keep a tab on your competitors and target audience to understand what type of tweet works on Twitter. Include links, event videos and images to grab more attention.

Making Connections

Devote a little time and make connections with users. You can start by following them, liking and retweeting their tweets, joining Twitter chats; and if they have a query, respond to it. This is how you can communicate and build a relationship with the audience. You know this is a good marketing strategy.

Increase Tweeting Frequency

Twitter is a fast-paced medium, where countless tweets keep popping up regularly. There’s every chance that readers may have missed out on what you have just tweeted. To make yourself noticeable, keep tweeting consistently – increase the frequency of your tweets. There shouldn’t be a long gap between your first and the second tweet of the day. Schedule your tweets using social media scheduling tools so that readers get the impression that you are active on Twitter. But, don’t forget quality control in all your tweets.

Promote yourself

Leave no room to promote your Twitter profile because that’s how one will start noticing your presence on Twitter. Share your page with all your email contacts. Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest to promote your Twitter profile. Provide Twitter handle in the business cards, company’s websites and most importantly, in your blogs so that interested readers can follow you.

Well, these are some ways to increase the count of Twitter followers organically but earning followers is a time-consuming process.

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