5 Types Of Online Workshops Event Organizers Can Plan

5 Types Of Online Workshops Event Organizers Can Plan

With event presenters going the virtual route for hosting their events, you too can plan to create value through online workshops to break through the monotony. Your event attendees will really look forward to different forms of online workshops that help them cope through these difficult times. We already talked about a wide variety of virtual events that you can organize in 5 Types of Virtual Events To Bring People Together during the COVID era. 

Here are 5 types of online workshops you can plan: 

1. Educational Workshops

Times like these, people are increasingly inclined to upskill their profiles through an online workshop or tutorial. Even if you weren’t involved in educational events or workshops, now would b a good time to reconsider your event planning. The need for educational workshops is at an all-time and you can easily be an imparting factor to your audience. 

2. Health & Wellness Workshops

The need to disseminate factual information in the COVID era is of paramount importance. This could be one of your weekly workshops where you bring on board and medical health experts to speak on current medical know how’s. This is a good strategy to let your attendees get a hint of your diversity as an event planner. 

3. Yoga Training 

Globally, there has a resurgence of holistic wellness and with it, the need for more yoga and meditation. Now would be a great time to connect with trained professionals to introduce them to your target audience. You could start small with a demo or free of cost event and then up the ante with every workshop session. 

4. Invite-Only Workshops

Looking to create an invite-only workshop for a select group of loyal attendees? Our Access Codes feature will help you create one. With an invite-only code from our event ticketing system, you can easily create a niche, well-crafted workshop. Think of workshops imparting specialty based insights and knowledge. Learn how to Set Up Access Codes For Your Event

5. Q&A Sessions 

This online workshop can be a follow up to al your workshops, no matter what kind you organize. Your attendees will appreciate that you’re taking their feedback and questions to improve their online event experience. Q&A sessions are also a good opportunity to increase your social media presence during these times.


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