5 Types of Events Best Suited For General Admission

5 Types of Events Best Suited For General Admission

General Admission seating – the most preferred mode of providing entry to your event with no strings attached. Where event tickets are sold in an ‘Open For All’ manner of entry, general admission tickets allow your guests the ultimate flexibility to move about in your venue. Best seats in the house go on a first come first serve basis and are meant for a basic event experience for anyone wishing to attend it.

Using Yapsody, you can enable multiple ticket types on a section-by-section and performance-by-performance basis to create an irresistible pricing combination for different types of events.

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Here are 5 types of events best suited for general admission:

1. Live Music Concerts

Always consider your audience persona before choosing a seating plan. With events like live music concerts and live entertainment act, you are better off with general admission seating. The average age range of your guest list might be between 18-25 who want to check out their favorite band with no frills attached. Their spur-of-the-moment ticket buying decision gets fulfilled all because of your general admission event. 

2. Fundraisers & Charities

Nothing can be more memorable and hospitable than people coming together for community fundraising. Keeping these events open for all styles of entry elevates additional participation. What’s more, is that you can create both general seating and reserved seating sections for events like these.

Every last bit counts when it comes to charities which is why we do our bit of giving non-profit event presenters a FLAT 50% Rebate

3. Art Shows & Expos

We’ve witnessed a lot of our event presenters opting for general admission in case of art shows and expos as these events are week-long. You’re letting your guests move freely inside the venue and on their time and pace. Create variable pricing for weekdays and weekends to target a wider audience and maximize revenue generation. To make sure you don’t overcrowd such venues, you can also designate a quantity for each ticket type. 

 4. Fairs & Festivals 

Being casual events, no one will want to reserve their tickets in advance. Fairs and festivals are perfect for maintaining a low price point to attract plenty of attendees. With general admission, you’re creating the ultimate “Open for All” scenario for those who want to have the most basic event experience at the lowest price point. 

5. Comedy Shows & Movie Nights

Another type of event that has your event attendees making spur of the moment decisions. It’s understandable to have reserved seating for comedy shows and movie nights as guests want to be seated in a good section. Weekend events like these are frequented by working professionals who make sudden plans. To accommodate them, it’s beneficial to keep a certain quantity of seats under general admission. 

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