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5 Types Of Discount Options To Boost Event Attendance

5 Types of Discount Options To Boost Event Attendance

You can bring the best speakers, artists, and comedians on board and plan out an exclusive event at the most electric venue in town. But if you don’t go that extra mile, you’ll be missing out. To boost your event attendance, discounts should be used effectively to create hype, build a feeling of urgency, and to reward attendee loyalty. With Yapsody, you can set discounts which are one size fits all or on a case by case basis. Here are 5 types of discount options to boost your event attendance: 

1. Early Purchase Discount

Known popularly as the early bird discount, this type of discount is great for creating hype and a sense of urgency. Start off with a low ticket price and gradually increase the price as the day of the event approaches. Divide this discount to be used frugally in phases to exceed your ticketing revenue. With Yapsody’s early purchase discount, event presenters can quickly sell out the first phase of event tickets and build hype around their event. 

2. Group Discount

Group discounts are perfect for multiplying your event attendee list through a single ticket buyer. Perfect for events that will be frequented by friends or family together such as a gala dinner, pub crawl, conferences, or a movie premiere. Group discounts are a perfect fix for event presenters who want to sell a fixed number of tickets in one go. 

3. Multi-Use Promo Code

Using email blasts to send exclusive invites to your recurring attendees? Create a multi-use promo code discount and send it only to a group of loyal attendees. This strategy creates a sense of loyalty in your audience’s mind. Use our Mailchimp Integration to send email blasts with an irresistible offer for a quick event sell out with your loyal attendees.  

4. Single-Use Code

Perfect for those events which will be attended by elders and not so tech-savvy citizens of your community. If you’re inviting families with four members in it, you’d want to issue a single-use code to each family enabling them to buy four tickets at a time. Create a sense of convenience to boost event attendance and gain your audience’s trust.

5. Miscellaneous Discount

Some event presenters truly leave no stone unturned in bringing people together. Our miscellaneous discount is used in event scenarios where you provide audiences with additional discounts other than the ones we provide. Maybe it’s your birthday or an event anniversary and you’re feeling generous. This discount is the way to let your attendees know that you truly do it for them.

We hope these discount options are used smartly to boost your event attendance. For those still looking for an event ticketing platform to boost their event creation and revenue-generating potential, SIGN UP here.

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