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5 Traits To Look Out For In A Talent Buyer

Talent Buyer Traits

Whether you’re an owner of a casino, restaurant, theatre, or a sports club, once you’ve established consistency in hosting events, you’ll need a talent buyer to boost your businessFor the uninitiated,  a “Talent Buyer” is someone who can source and manage any form of entertainment for your venue. A good talent buyer can elevate your business so watch out for these 5 traits before hiring one. 


What differentiates average talent buyers from a great one is their passion for the performing arts. If your talent buyers share the same taste in music as you, they are a good fit to match your requirements. A professional driven by passion will go above and beyond to find the perfect artist for your venue. 


Talent booking is a ruthless process which is why you should hire someone with thick skin.  They should be able to navigate through this wild and harsh industry. An experienced talent buyer will think 10 steps ahead before making a move and come with a contingency plan in case Plan A goes off track. 


The world of showbiz is based on trust built over time. Your talent buyer will have attended a wide genre of events in his lifetime and garnered trust in the talent buying and entertainment industry. A person who has a powerful network is like your personal Event Setup Wizard that can sell out your venue. For that definitive edge, you can get onboard with Yapsody – the No. 1 provider of headline concert services.

Efficient Communicator & Negotiator

A typical day in the life of a talent buyer involves communicating and negotiating with musicians, agents, managers, venue owners, and so on. You will need some whose core skills involve bargaining, sharp communication, and a convincing spirit. Talent booking involves a lot of paperwork and legalities, so your talent buyer needs to be tactful and ethical.


Being in touch with the latest trends in the industry is a pre-requisite for any talent buying agency. The world is evolving rapidly and so is the entertainment industry. Make sure your talent buyer is on deck with all the latest developments so that your venue is not missing out on anything. They should also be receptive to the local entertainment scene because you never know when you might encounter new talents in the community.

We know the amount of time and energy goes into fuelling a business. So much so that you don’t have time to shortlist resumes and sit through interviews. With Yapsody by your side, you can streamline your entire talent buying and ticketing process. With decades of industry expertise in providing headline concert services to independent promoters, Yapsody lets you access a broad pool of multi-genre artists. Also, our online event ticketing system is used by event presenters across the globe each year, enabling them to sell tickets online.

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