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5 Tips & Tricks For Last-Minute Event Promotion

5 Tips & Tricks For Last-Minute Event Promotion

Let’s face it, no matter how many months or year’s worth of planning and prep work, events can go haywire for reasons that simply cannot be explained. 

Incidentally, these unwanted elements have the power to spiral out of control and cause havoc to an event manager’s hard work. As if enforcing regular safety and social distancing protocols didn’t take up all your energy, you also need to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 

This is exactly why you need these last-minute event promotion tips & tricks if you wish to sell your tickets like a breeze.

  • Reach Out To Existing Fans

If you haven’t hit your goal of ticket sales, you can send out email invitations to your loyal and existing fans to make up for it. Instead of inviting freeloaders. Use our Invite-Only Codes and Mailchimp Integration to send out personal invitations to them as the smallest token of thanks you can give them.

  • Involve Influencers

Involve people from your event management community and keynote speakers in your network to increase your last-minute reach for selling event tickets. You can offer them a certain commission, or free tickets to your next event against the number of registrations they get.

  • Social Media Shoutouts

Run a quick Poll on your Twitter that is related to your event and the correct winners get a chance to win those tickets. It’s a sure-shot way of selling out tickets quickly and improving your brand engagement online. 

Social media promotion, done right. 

  • Be Active on Discussion Forums

Through forums, start with friendly notifications to make them aware of the existence of such an event, and if someone is genuinely interested, give specific responses. 

  • Press Releases

Your press release is most likely to be validated by a media specialist or a journalist, and if they can’t comprehend it on the first reading, neither will your event attendees. Here are Tips To Master Your Event Press Releases that will make your last-minute event promotions easier without causing last-minute mayhem. 

Need more event planning insights? Access our Yapsody blog resources to familiarize everything from planning an event, boosting ticket sales to information on the latest trends and technologies of the event ticketing industry.

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