5 Tips To Promote Your Events On Twitter In 2021

5 Tips To Promote Your Events On Twitter In 2021

Twitter can be a tough nut to crack for event managers. Being a real-time microblogging platform, event management companies and their team of event marketers can only allocate a limited amount of their time and energy for marketing every event. 

With Twitter making enhancements to its platforms much recently, event promotion can become a far easier task than previously thought to be. 

1. Write To The Right Ones

Promoting your theater dramas to live concert attendees will get you mixed reactions.  When you think about your event, think about the audience persona that would be more likely to attend. Promote your live stream or virtual music concerts to those live show attendees and the chances of them being interested are quite high. 

You can use Twitter to chime into conversations with venue-owners and event attendees who are Tweeting about events related to your genre of expertise. Event marketers and venue owners usually tweet by tagging their VIP guests, patrons, sponsors, or keynote speakers to spread the word quickly. 

Check out these best practices that will improve your Twitter engagement in 2021. 


Upcoming events can be promoted using hashtags that are relevant to your brand and the event. Brownie points if it involves Twitter trends such as #InternationalBeerDay or #InternationalMusic day to promote your event and boost your visibility online. 

Want to learn which brew or cocktail your event attendees will prefer? Simplify your event marketing through Twitter polls with your preferred hashtag along with it. Not only will it make your event planning easier with audience responses, but it will also help spread the word of your people-centric event management technique. 

3. Follow The Right Track-tics

Tweeting with hashtags is like putting your sandwich in the toaster to achieve the desired crispiness. And if you don’t keep an eye, it burns down to nothingness wasting your bread. Use apps like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to keep track of every tweet and the conversations around it. 

With the correct analysis in place, your event promotion can reach the right audiences and improve your revenue generation stream. Learn how you can use Twitter’s Activity Dashboard to gain insights for all your activity and view metrics for every single Tweet.  

And do not forget the three R’s

  • Respond to attendee/sponsor/ venue owner’s tweets.
  • Reciprocate by liking or commenting on good Tweets.
  • Retweet tweets you’re tagged in with a “Quote” if needed.

4. Post-Event Wrap-Up

Here comes the most important part of self-validation for you and your team members. Did your event just exceed expectations or did it skyrocket into cloud 9? Post-event surveys through Twitter polls will help you gain leverage on your audience reactions. User-generated content can do wonders for your brand visibility and recall on Twitter. You could do a giveaway to encourage the best moments of your event to be Tweeted out by attendees making it a win-win for both. 

There you have it, folks. Ready to take these 5 tips into action and see how well it goes? If you found these Twitter tips to be helpful, don’t forget to share this blog amongst your event marketing community. Give us a shout-out on Twitter @Yapsody and we’ll be more than happy to share a few more SMM tips and tricks tailored to your event or venue type. 

Twitter is all about being real-time, spontaneous, and relevant to your audiences and global trends. However, it’s not wise to place all your eggs in one basket. A successful event marketer will use other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn,  along with Twitter to get the maximum out of your marketing campaign. Check out our marketing insights to get more guidance on industry-grade marketing strategies.

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