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5 Text Marketing Tips To Enhance Your Event Management

5 Text Marketing Tips To Enhance Your Event Management

Emails have a 22% open rate, and while email marketing is important to a successful event, text messaging will truly ignite engagement. 99% of texts from businesses are read, and there are at least five ways you can use texting to enhance your event. 

You need a way to attract new attendees, as well as capture the attention of loyal fans. For starters, you can take a list of previous customers and contacts, and text them all to register for your event. With a branded keyword, you can allow VIPs and reserved seating attendees to opt-in for different kinds of updates that can only be accessed exclusively through texting.

For example, if you’re selling tickets to a music festival called “Lucid Valley”, your branded keyword could be “LUCID”. You can increase awareness around your keyword by promoting it months in advance before the event.

Promote the keyword on your social media platforms, email newsletters, and website by prompting users to text “LUCID” to redeem special offers, like:

Depending on how many keywords you want to use, you can have other keywords that prompt different information. Users can opt-in to a keyword such as “NEWS” and receive artist highlights and get a glimpse of new tracks (music). 

Keywords are a great way to allow potential ticket buyers and current buyers to preview your upcoming events without having to do the research themselves. There are multiple ways to build buzz around your event, and texting is a great tool to get the word out there.

Compared to other communication methods, texting fits best when you have guests on the go. You can keep attendees informed before, during, and after the event, taking this opportunity to upsell them. 

For instance, you can text them:

You can even text during the event to make for a fully immersive experience. A great example of real-time interaction is sending out a text to encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media. You could also send out a poll to determine what fans want to see, or even market your next event using text message templates

“Who should win the Battle of the Bands? Text your choice to [number]!”

“What questions do you have for our speakers? Text us at [number] to have them answered!

“Ready for our Autumn Festival? Be sure to buy your tickets here in advance!”

“Remember to stop by the merch booth at the main entrance to grab your souvenirs!”

Real-time interactions are a fun addition to the event, especially when they have a say in how it goes. They’ll be able to create their own experience through texting! 

By drawing importance to the opinion of guests, you’ll be able to gain their trust and their future business. In addition, our 24/7 support for event presenters and attendees can further help facilitate your event team.

Among the attendees, fans are the ones you should be paying close attention to. So how can texting help improve the fan experience?

For starters, you can use our survey feature to create polls and gather valuable feedback from fans during the event. They know what to expect, and it can be useful to learn about their opinions. In addition, you can encourage fans to share their photos and even feature fans in spotlight promotional texts. 

“Take a look at [name]’s game day outfit! Want to be featured next? Text [keyword] to [number]!”

Loyal fans should be rewarded for their support. If they’ve spent x amount of money on tickets in the past, you can engage them further by offering them exclusive content and discounts, all through texting. 

It’s important to acknowledge fans, and the more that you show you appreciate them, they will know to count on you to buy tickets again in the future. In fact, customers who feel they have a personalized relationship with a brand have a 306% higher customer lifetime value.

People don’t want to go out of their way to answer a survey or write a review. They’ve got other things going on, and can’t find the time to sit down and write one—especially after a big event. 

So how can you encourage your attendees to give you the insight you need to plan your next event? Make the review process a breeze by texting them a link to a simple survey 2-3 days later. You can create different types of surveys to improve your event planning. To further prompt a completed survey, you can offer discounts on their future event tickets to enhance your event planning in advance. 

“Thanks for attending [show]! Follow the link below to answer our survey. [link] Upon completion, you will be eligible to receive an exclusive discount on your next purchase!”

“Hi [name]! We want to thank you for taking the time to write us a review. Here’s 30% off your future tickets!” (Sent with MMS attachment of coupon)

Give your attendees the opportunity to share their thoughts to pave the way for a smoother event down the line. In addition, exclusive discounts can pave the way for repeat business, giving guests another reason to come back to you and give you their business again. 

With texting, your event management team will be able to communicate with each other instantaneously. This is important for when your team is on the go, and can’t pause to take a phone call. 

In addition to communicating amongst each other, your team will also be able to promote events and discounts to increase event attendance and overall revenue. When it boils down to it, higher engagement can lead to an increase in ticket sales and boost your overall event management. Through text marketing, you can keep your attendees engaged at all times––helping build hype around an event, creating immersive experiences, and empowering your events team with instant communication.

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