How to Sell Out Your Event in Minutes: 5 Best Ways

How to Sell Out Your Event in Minutes: 5 Best Ways

A sold-out event is every event presenter’s dream. All the hard work you put in to make your event successful can fall through if no or few attendees turn up at your event. Leveraging different marketing strategies and promotional techniques are some of the ways event presenters use to attract attendees and sell tickets online. Here are some factors to keep in mind when selling tickets online.

  1. Event Promotion

    – You make the best apple pie, but if you don’t share it with people around you, how will they know about your cooking skills? Similarly, organizing your event is of no use if you don’t let everyone know about it. Promoting your event in advance creates excitement among your attendees. Mention what’s best about your event so people are curious and eager to attend it. For instance, if you’re organizing a multi-cuisine food festival, highlighting multiple cuisines as a selling point will attract food lovers to your event.

    • Social Media

      – Social media is one of the most powerful event promotional tools. Use it effectively to reach out to your target audience. Use an appealing creative with all the essential details about your event. Offer incentives to your attendees on sharing it with their friends and family. Referral programs convert your attendees into reps for your event and increase ticket sales faster. Send gentle reminders in the form of funny memes or ecards that they can relate to, so your attendees save the date on their calendar. Read our detailed blog on “Steps to boost ticket sales on social media

    • Email Marketing

      – The second most effective tool after social media is email marketing. You can personalize your promotional message with an engaging creative and a clear call to action. Your subject line and preview text create a huge impact on the email open rate. If you’re not sure what preview text is, it is the section next to the subject line your audience sees before clicking on the email. Meticulously write an intriguing subject line and a preview text that will compel your audience to open and read your email. Additionally, notify the existing attendees in your email list about pre-sale ticket opportunities like VIP presale tickets. Encouraging early booking will facilitate your event ticket sales online and increase the popularity of your event. Read our blog on “7 Effective Event Email Marketing Strategies to Sell More Tickets” to know more.

  2. Sell Tickets Online

    – When you sell event tickets online, SEO is an important aspect an event presenter cannot ignore. Imagine if your attendees are not able to discover your event online, all your event promotion techniques and marketing strategies will be meaningless. Here are some factors to keep in mind when selling tickets online.

    • Landing Page

      – A landing page is a place where you direct your attendees to purchase event tickets online. Always set the right landing page. You stand a chance of losing your attendees if they are redirected to the homepage or any other pages rather than the actual ticket sales page. Keep your landing page simple and clean with a clear CTA. This helps as too many things on the site can distract the attendee and may not give you the results you expected.

    • Use Keywords

      – Choose keywords that your potential attendees will use to search your event online. Add them to your title, meta description, URL and main content. Avoid keyword stuffing as it can put your page at the risk of being blacklisted.

    • User Experience

      – When pages take too long to load, your user’s experience can get hampered. Ensure you don’t have heavy image files or videos that slow up the page speed. Make your landing page mobile responsive, as most of your attendees use mobile phones to search for events and book tickets online. Read our detailed blog on “SEO for Events – Get Your Event Ranked on Search Engine Page

  3. Offer Group Discounts

    – People tend to take quick decisions when they know their entire clan is going for the event. Be it the entire family or a group of friends, offering group discounts for five or more tickets attract attendees to buy more tickets. Apart from the group discounts, you can run Early Bird and BOGO deals to help you sell tickets online quickly.

  4. Create Urgency

    – The fear of missing out (FOMO) can make people take quicker decisions. For example, every launch of Apple’s new phone sees its loyal fans stand in line for days before the sale could begin. Similarly, conveying a sense of urgency with words like ‘last few tickets left’, or ‘limited seats’ help to sell tickets faster and increases online ticket sales.

  5. Live Customer Support

    : Often the ticket booking process is left halfway as the potential attendee didn’t have anyone to answer their questions related to the event. Offer live chat customer service to assist your attendees with the ticket booking process. At Yapsody, we treat customers of our presenters just like ours. Hence, we provide chat support to ticket buyers to ensure they have a seamless ticket booking experience on our event presenter’s online ticket store. Our chat support is available 24/7 to answer any queries your ticket buyer may have while booking tickets online.

Yapsody’s premium ticketing system gives you a platform to sell-out events in minutes with special features like online ticket store, virtual box office, custom designed mobile apps, reserved seating and many more. Additionally, if you’re a nonprofit organization, you get a 50% rebate on your ticketing fee for all events. Create your event with Yapsody and sell your first 50 tickets for free. Sign up Now!

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