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5 Must-Send Emails To Your Event Attendees

5 Must-Send Emails To Your Event Attendees

Got a big event coming up and need to build an effective email marketing strategy? Email marketing is a long game and takes time to get healthy open rates. It is definitely not one shoe fits all as a music concert that sells out in advance will have a heavier frequency of emails rather than a weekly workshop. No matter what your venue or type of event is, you have to start somewhere and figure out your email marketing strategy for the long run. To get the ball rolling, here are 5 must-send emails to your event attendees. 

1. The Buzz

Also known as the invitation email, these emails are meant to captivate your audience. Get your thinking caps as on, as these emails need to be highly visual and to the point. Your invitation should be like a movie teaser with not much given away. Use videos and testimonials from your previous events to lure them with this type of email. Give them a clear CTA that leads to event registration. 

2. People Love Discounts

Your invitation email did a good job of hyping up your event with attendees even RSVPing Yes and Maybe to your event. This is the time to seal the deal by giving them the much-awaited early bird discounts. Our event ticketing platform facilitates Discount options that can be used with the ultimate flexibility. Check out 5 Types of Discount Options To Boost Event Attendance

3. People Tend To Forget 

It’s easy for your event attendees to forget about the invitation email you sent them a month ago. In a world of cluttered inboxes, it’s necessary to stay relevant in your audience’s mind. These emails should give them all the necessary event details and updates if any. Reminder emails are a great way of reminding old and new attendees to book tickets. 

4. One Last Reminder 

The date is set and the venue is ready to rock but you can hardly keep it together with pre-event jitters. Your pre-event email should be the last reminder for your attendees as well to avoid last-minute goof-ups. Line-ups, FAQs, local transportation, dress code, nearby hotels or restaurants, and so on. As an event presenter on our event ticketing platform, you can add custom FAQs on your Online Ticket Store itself.

5. A Thank You

A simple thank you goes a long way in creating an impression in your audience’s mind. A post-event follow email is a great opportunity to share the event highlight reel, photos, and promote your upcoming event. Learn more about Best Practices For Post-Event Follow-Ups.

As an event presenter on Yapsody, the possibilities are endless with our email marketing integration. To start off with, promote upcoming events, send invites, give discounts, and remind attendees about your event. You can also send newsletters, targeted email campaigns and provide real-time updates to your attendees.

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