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5 Must-Send Emails Before Your Event Happens

5 Must-Send Emails Before Your Event Happens

As an event organizer, your work isn’t over until the last set of guests leave your venue with a smile on their faces. You’ve done everything in your power to plan, promote, and sell tickets for that unforgettable event experience but that last ray of hope remains to completely sell out your venue.

With your event approaching in a month or so, it’s time to kick your email marketing into high gear. We’ve witnessed plenty of event organizers miss out on this final push to bring in those last-minute RSVP’s. To remedy this, a highly recommended tactic for any type of event is a well-thought-out email marketing campaign before your event happens. 

Combined with our MailChimp integration and other event ticketing features, here are 5 must-send emails before your event happens: 

1. “Hype Up Your Sponsors” Email

Onboarding sponsors for your events are a definite boost to your overall event marketing strategy. Your guests associating your event with a well-known brand should be leveraged to the max. Send out an email with your official sponsors listed to add more credibility to your event. It can be targeted towards your old event attendees who might just buy a ticket because their favourite food chain is part of your event. Our ticket customization feature lets you feature your sponsors and upcoming events on the e-ticket itself too. 

2. “Bring Your Friends To…” Email 

  • 20% Off For You and Your Friends”
  • “Use This Offer To Bring Your Friends”
  • “Limited Time Group Discount”

Emails with these subject lines have a good open rate because you’re offering your guests a chance to bring in people with whom they’d want to experience the event. Throwing in a group discount also triggers their ticket-buying behaviour immediately. 

3. “Seal The Deal” Email

So your event marketing campaign worked and potential ticket buyers ended up on your event page but they dropped halfway and couldn’t make a decision. With our Facebook Pixel Tracking, know where exactly your potential attendees dropped off in their buying cycle. Analyse that data and send them a personalised email that compels them to buy a ticket. This email is your chance to prove that you consider every attendee important. 

4. “Are You Ready?” Email 

A reminder mail is a must-send email as it’s important to stay in their minds throughout the journey. There should never be a drop in maintaining a connection from the ticket buying phase till the event attending phase. With a creative reminder mail, it’s time to hype them into the spirit of your event. 

5. “Know Before You Go” Email 

These type of emails is a must send 2-3 days before your event takes place. It could be anything and everything from things to bring along, dress code, directions to get there, check-in time, and other vital information that makes their event experience better. The only thing left to their imagination should be how grand your event is going to be. 

Even after your event is done and dusted, don’t let your email marketing trail go cold. Whether your event received luke-warm reactions or rave reviews from your guests, you should follow certain post-event protocols.

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