5 Key Tips To Generate Leads For Conferences

5 Key Tips To Generate Leads For Conferences

Life would have been so easy if your attendees just walked up to you and hand over their contact details. But it isn’t. However, it’s also not as tough either if you do it right. Conferences are truly valuable for like-minded people from different sectors to converge and share new ideas.

While a well-planned conference can give your brand a good reputation, generating quality leads to attend your conferences can be a bit hard. Hence, we have curated 5 tips that will guide your lead generation for your future conferences.

1. Target The Right Audience

If you try to sell cookies to customers with diabetes, they’ll remain unsold. Similarly, not focussing on the right audience will lead to poor lead generation. The conference audience includes a mix of individuals, from an executive to business owners, and CXOs. 

As a conference event presenter, build your attendee personas keeping in mind their event preferences, industry, and lifestyle. Because if your event content isn’t relevant enough and doesn’t interest them, all your efforts become meaningless. If you strike the right chord, your attendees will look forward to registering for future conferences.

2. Create A Solid Event Marketing Strategy

Once you know your audience, it’s time to come up with a solid event marketing strategy. Social media and newsletters can be your go-to format for spreading the word and connecting with those interested in attending conferences. A product that would make waves

Videos get more attention as compared to a post filled with text. You can also send out personalized emails about your conference to your target audience with creative subject lines. Get more through our Event Marketing Guide For Social Media Management.

3. Create A Landing Page

Make ticket-buying for your attendees, simple and quick. Create a landing page for your conference event so they don’t end up wandering. The whole purpose of event marketing is lost if your landing page doesn’t have a clear CTA. Whether it is ‘Buy now’ or ‘Register now,’ keep a clear CTA, so your attendees know what is expected from them. 

With Yapsody, our presenters can customize their branded online ticket store that helps you showcase all your events and sell your tickets online on a singular interface. From adding your brand colors to creating an appealing event description, you can do it all here.

4. Ease the Sign-Up Process

Did you know that 35% of online customers abandon a transaction due to the compulsory registration process? Avoid lengthy registration forms, keep them short and ask for the required information only. In fact, giving your attendees an option to checkout as a guest can help them easily book their tickets. All they have to do is give their email address to receive the tickets and you can improve your conversions effectively.

5. Do Giveaways

With top speakers at your conference, you are definitely adding value to your attendee’s professional life. Apart from those meaningful learnings, do giveaways so that your attendees can cherish and recall your brand for a long time. 

To ensure your giveaways don’t land up in the trash, use surveys & questionnaires to understand what their views on giveaways are. In fact, you can also use these logic-based surveys to know more about what your attendees are looking for in a conference. Whether you choose to give a gift bag or a thoughtful book, make it a giveaway your attendee would love to keep.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to get some great leads at your next conference. Just ensure to sign up now and make the best use of our online event ticketing features for your next event.

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