5 Events That Deserve Reserved Seating

5 Events That Deserve Reserved Seating

Scratching your head over the best type of event seating for your upcoming events? Should you opt for General or Reserved Seating? If a General Admission event lets your attendee walk into the venue like a king, Reserved Seating can truly make them feel like an emperor. With our Reserved Seating feature, you sell multiple ticket types based on pricing and perks that will satisfy your diverse audience personas.  

The feature is available for every type of event & venue so that you don’t limit the creative planner in you, however, here are 5 events that truly deserve Reserved Seating. 

1. Live Music Concerts 

You’re truly letting the early bird and enthusiastic fans feel the magic of their musicians up close. It’s a feeling that is next to none. Reserved Seating allows them to choose exactly where they would like to be seated or standing to have their ultimate event experience. Reserving their tickets beforehand puts their minds at ease in having to avoid long queues and get preferential treatment. They’re paying top dollar for a top-notch experience and that’s what they should get. 

2. Gala Dinner

Food is a multicultural social glue that brings people together. Masterchef cookouts and gala dinners are perfect for reserved seating where people will be in their best attire not looking to sweat it out in a queue or haggle their seats with others. In the case of a community dinner service as well, reserved seating gives an option to the entire family, especially the senior citizens and kids to have a great time rather than hunting for seats as the door opens. Food is meant to be enjoyed in peace and this is exactly what Reserved Seating achieves. 

3. Charities and Fundraisers

Benefit music concerts and dinners for charities and fundraisers are also well-suited. As an event presenter, you might invite a host of high profile celebrities, patrons, and investors to open their hearts and wallets for the community. Make sure you don’t make them feel anything less than a VVIP. With our feature, you can hold their seats and entire sections for their seating pleasure in advance. Make sure you use our event ticketing platform to streamline the process and get a FLAT 50% rebate

4. Casino Nights

A bit of a posh affair, a black-tie affair themed around the British spy requires a lot of effort. With precise planning and a reserved seating arrangement, a Casino Royale night brimming with poker tournaments, celebs, VIPs, and corporate sponsors can be a sure shot success. Keep these events ticket priced high to keep the guest list exclusive. Just keep that guest list and YapScan in hand for ease of check-in.   

5. Movie Nights

Whether it’s an international film festival or a theatrical drama, you can offer multiple ticket types and let your attendees enjoy the performance from their choice of seat. With reserved seating, setting up a private movie screening at a theatre that serves food and beverages also works wonders. 

Now, that you know which 5 events deserve reserved seating, go ahead and do your thing. Sign Up with us to create, promote, and sell event tickets online.

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