Social Distancing Event Catering Tips and Ideas During COVID-19

Social Distancing Event Catering Tips and Ideas During COVID-19

Whether you’re an independent event organizer or a hospitality venue, it’s easy to arrange for the best DJ, logistics, design team,  and talent managers. But when it comes to the most defining factor of any gathering – food & beverages, many still can’t wrap their head around it. It’s that one element that works as a social glue and can truly set your event apart. Now, with the pandemic how does one go about handing event catering that complies with the highest standards of safety? 

If you were already upholding the highest standards of event dining, you need to create an additional layer of safety protocols in place whereas if you’re someone who’s new to this, have a look at our event catering tips and ideas to help you get started. 

1. Time To Get Out Of The Box 

According to the CDC’s Guidelines for Event Planners, event organizers and attendees need to “prioritize outdoor activities where social distancing can be maintained as much as possible.” To address this fact, we conducted a survey, where participants from the USA were more likely to attend outdoor events as compared to indoor ones.

Choose a real estate that is spaced out such as large parks, open fields, and gardens that allows people to spread out and enjoy their meals safely in the great outdoors. 

2. Consider Your Event Size Before Hiring A Caterer

Due to social distancing protocols, chances are that you have limited the number of event attendees that can be at your venue at any given time. Give that a thought and then hire a caterer as per your needs. It’s probably not the best look on your part to have run out of food but it’s even worse to have your food go waste in case you over-projected your attendees. 

3. Review Your Caterers Cost & Quality

Is your event an exclusive private party or perhaps an open for all general admission style? Do a taste test at a small gathering to gauge their quality of service which will make it easier for you to price your event tickets accordingly. Not only does the food need to be good, but they also need to pass event safety standards. Your event attendees will only pay up if they see the quality and safety. 

4. Choose Your Style Of Catering

As per the current scenario, having a one-stop-shop kind of catering will not cut it. You will need a specific type of catering staff depending on whether you’re going for a buffet, sit-down dinner, or a cocktail party. Overcrowding at your events is a strict no-no hence you need to figure out a distinct style of food and dining that is conducive to the social distancing style of the event. 

5. Consider Dinner Theater Shows

Dinner theater shows are advantageous as a proactive measure for minimizing both actual and perceived risks while dining. Many are discovering the resurgence of dinner theater as this approach provides venues with opportunities to become a trendsetter within their surrounding communities. Learn more about 6 Types Of Events That Are Social Distancing Friendly.

The food and dining experience has a significant influence on your overall event experience which makes it even more important for an event organizer to pay attention to the finer details of it. Remember to focus on food quality, sustainability, and safety over everything, and your event catering will fall into place. 

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