5 To-Dos for Ticket Giveaways on Social Media

5 To-Dos for Ticket Giveaways on Social Media

Everybody loves to earn something for free, and anybody who has shown interest in your giveaways can turn out to be your potential customer. Thanks to social media, reaching out to them is not a complicated task, provided you know the tricks that work on such platforms. Giveaways on social media can change how you carry out event promotions. It can boost the selling of your event ticket, drive traffic to your websites, improve Google rankings and bring more brand exposure.

Follow these to-dos when creating your social media giveaways.

What’s your Target?

Be it any event promotion or business, there’s a pre-defined goal that you strive to achieve. The same applies for free social media giveaway. What do you want to achieve with this? Is it more than just collecting email information, bringing traffic to your websites or attracting new fans? Setting a goal makes it easier for you to run the contest and streamline promotional strategies.

Mode of Winner Selection

How do you want to select your winner? Randomly from all the entries, like a lucky draw system or running a short survey, or selecting the best among all, as in some video or image contest. Depending on your budget and your goal, you can decide what suits your business.

An Easy Entry Process

Nobody wants to enter a contest that is time consuming and throws upon many queries. The entry process must be quick and easy, especially when running a contest on social media. One click and you participate in a contest – that’s how it should be on social media. Ask fans to share a post, tag friends, retweet a tweet, or attach specific hashtags to images or any form of content they are posting.

Read Carefully Rules & Regulations

Before you decide on to which social site you will be having your contest, read carefully their rules and regulations. Every social site has their set of rules and guidelines that you need to follow. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you invite yourself legal troubles. So, make sure you go through all the norms of running a contest on various social networking sites.

Creating a Buzz

What’s the point if only a few get to know about the contest? You will remain far from reaching your goal. Create a buzz about your contest and let the people know about it. Bring in all the promotional tools such as emailers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, newsletter, or blogs. Even after the contest ends, you can continue to attract your participants with discounts or exciting offers.

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