5 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas

5 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas

No matter how many events you’ve organized in the past, your event budget is something that you wish could be stretched every time you plan for one. There’s a clear cut answer to all your budgeting woes which can be taken care of by a good sponsor. Event sponsorship is one of the defining factors of your event success which also helps you improve your brand value and event engagement. It creates a sense of grandeur in your audience psyche of you being a top player in the event industry and of course their experience. Here are 5 creative event sponsorship ideas that will merge your event goals, audience satisfaction. 

1. Live Entertainment Acts 

Reach out to popular musicians who might have an upcoming album launch. Their fan following on social media is a good pull for your event attendance. It’s a win-win as the musician or performer gets a larger platform to engage and you’re getting a live act to engage with the audiences. 

2. Sponsored Stalls

Depending on the nature of your event, hook up with local caterers and bars to serve your guests some delicious food and drinks to keep the spirits high. Live counters are all the rage and make your food sponsors display their cooking skills. 

3. Wi-Fi Powered Events

Organizing workshops and conferences? Get a Wi-Fi network provider onboard and see your user-generated content shoot up during your event. Maybe host a social media contest to let your event attendees use your Instagram photo booths to market your event further. Everyone loves free Wi-Fi and your sponsor will be more than happy to have their brand name take center stage. 

4. VIP Goodies 

Who doesn’t like goodie bags with a bunch of luxurious gifts after attending an event? This is great for all your reserved seating events where you can splurge a bit more for your VIP guests. A niche brand that specializes in all these would be your best bet to collaborate with for sponsorship to maintain that exclusivity.

5. Go Green

Saving our planet is not another passing fad. Your stalls and event installations could be handled by an eco-friendly decor company that can also shed light on going green. Not only do they get a platform for raising awareness, but they are also occupying space in your event as a sponsor. 

We hope to have gotten your creative juices flowing for your next big event. Also,  Here are 8 smart ways to get sponsors for your event.

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