5 Campus Event Ideas Students Will Love

5 Campus Event Ideas Students Will Love

Campus life is unquestionably one of the most defining phases in a student’s life. They are busy mastering their academics, making new friends for life, and learning essential life skills. In this transitionary phase, it’s important to disconnect to connect sometimes. You know what they say “All work and no play….” 

These campus events define their unique reputation and give their students a sense of belonging.  If you’re an event organizer who loves giving campus students another reason to party, these 5 campus event ideas are for you. 

1. Movie Nights

The good old cozy movie night still remains a crowd-puller. Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery or a Lord Of The Rings binge-watch over the weekend? With the surge of streaming websites, chilling has turned into a private affair. This is why hosting movie nights out in the common area is a perfect throwback to the good times of bringing people together, again. Maybe your psychology major loves a crime documentary and the art major,  a cult classic. Use our Questionnaire & Survey feature to figure out their choices before planning the next movie event. 

2. Free Live Music Concert

Music is definitely the top-shelf stuff for campus folks to get together and socialize. And nothing like a free live music concert to gather the masses. We’ve noticed that free events work in favor of event presenters who organize music concerts and club events regularly. This is a smart event marketing tactic to announce your presence to this young audience as well.

Yapsody is Free for Free Events which means ZERO Fees for “Free Entry” Events. Just in case you needed another reason to sign up on our event ticketing platform. 

3. International Potluck

Tingle their taste buds with an international potluck. A university campus is one of those places where you’re in the midst of a diverse culture.  Organize a Thanksgiving dinner or perhaps a Christmas Gala Dinner where you ask the students to bring a side dish or dessert that represents where they’re from. Get the local caterer or food trucks on board to offset the main dinner preparations. 

4. Awareness Drive

The torchbearers of our future, students have always been on the forefront for creating awareness in the society. The need of the hour is saving our planet. You could organize a marathon to raise awareness and collect donations for any non-profit. It creates a sense of health and wellbeing and working towards a communal cause. Our ticketing platform offers a FLAT 50% rebate for non-profits and an “Accept Donations” feature specifically designed for Non-Profit entities. 

5. Stand-Up Night 

A good dose of laughter therapy knocks away the blues after a long week of assignment submissions and exams. Organize a stand-up comedy night and give budding comedians on campus a chance to share their brand of humor. An open mic would be your best bet to encourage more participants followed by a  well-known stand-up comedian closing the night. 

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