5 Types Of Event Remarketing For Hotels

5 Types Of Event Remarketing For Hotels

Event remarketing ensures that your regular guests and attendees keep coming back to your events along with newer audiences. Simply put event remarketing engages with your website visitors who might have abandoned your brand’s website page at any given point in your conversion cycle. 

Using remarketing tactics, you can prompt audience action at different touchpoints about your hotel and make their ticket purchasing decision simpler. Offering discounts through online paid posts or sponsored ads are a few of the preferred methods to engage and drive conversion

However, with the many platforms and channels available to us, here are few types of event remarketing for hotels that you can try.

1. Facebook Ads

While browsing through Facebook, you must have come across multiple formats of ads. Similarly to catch your audience’s attention, you need to install a Facebook Pixel on your event website. Facebook Ads manager comes in handy here to create ads for your hotel’s events. 

Every time website visitors log on to browse their feed, they will be subtly greeted by your ads at strategic points, thus keeping your events in the back of their minds. 

Although it is advantageous to create different ad formats, videos are the winning formula for event remarketing. Facebook video ads don’t appear to be ads at all as it is embedded in the normal stream of videos. Learn more about Enhancing Your Facebook Ad Strategy to stay on track with the current trends and algorithms.

2. Google AdWords 

There’s no better way to remarket your hotel’s event than by kickstarting your Google AdWords Campaign. You can start by creating specific ads to be shown on the Google Display Network and only to those previous website visitors who have shown interest in your hotel brand 

 The Google remarketing system takes into account all the numerous websites associated with the event like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and helps you build a remarketing list. Google AdWords just works better when you analyze your ad campaigns from start to finish. 

By making the most out of Google Analytics, you will be able to: 

  • Set up conversion funnels
  • Track your active sources of traffic 
  • Establish event KPI’s
  • Setup custom dashboards

Re-targeting your event attendees becomes exceptionally easy with Google AdWords.

3. Instagram Remarketing

Instagram is one of the most visually appealing social media platforms for event marketers to leverage. Using Instagram for your event marketing is a winning formula for many as it amplifies their visual communication to another level apart from landing quality leads.  

The best part about Instagram event remarketing is that it just needs a Facebook Ad account. If you already have an account, you can remarket your upcoming event through both Facebook and Instagram. Talk about snatching two birds with one stone?!

4. Twitter Remarketing

The best part about remarketing on Twitter is that you get to reach out to industry leaders and companies in case your hotel is open to professional or corporate events. If you’re reaching out to audiences through Twitter, you can create a tailored audience for your promoted accounts and use that to keep a tab on audience activity online. What’s more, you can even track the conversion rate directly on their dashboard. 

Don’t forget to glance through these 5 Tips To Promote Your Events on Twitter.

5. Email Remarketing

Email remarketing is the simplest way of reaching out to potential ticket buyers and returning guests. To keep them hooked, you can create a mailing list and send out promotional emails. Most users check their emails on a regular basis, if your campaign is good enough, you’ll be able to catch the attention of potential ticket purchasers. Retargeting or remarketing supplements your event’s email marketing campaigns by targeting those who have opened your email to take some action.

Strategic event remarketing through online advertising ensures that ticket purchasers choose you to deliver elevated guest experiences. Now that you’re aware of the various types of event remarketing, give our online event ticketing features a go to spearhead your entire hotel’s event campaign.

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