4 Ways A Virtual Box Office Can Shape Your Event Success

4 Ways A Virtual Box Office Can Shape Your Event Success

Virtual Box Office is just like your regular box office but on the internet. Our fully loaded virtual box office is faster and easier, making selling event tickets a breeze. Sell tickets, instantly view stats, offer discounts and refunds, generate custom tickets and email it to your attendees, all with the click of a few buttons on the virtual box office. Here are 4 ways a virtual box office can shape your event success: 

1. Point of Sale App 

With our Point of Sale app for iOS, turn your iPad into a mobile Box Office to boost the event success. It lets your event presenters issue tickets directly from your venue while your devices sync with our server for real-time ticket availability. Large buttons and a single screen view allow for quicker transaction processing to handle large ticket buyer volume with minimized wait times. Plus, the app is designed to help you manage a large number of customers with minimum wait time.


2. Single Point Inventory and Payment Gateways

By accessing all types of tickets in your inventory, you won’t be toggling between different tabs or windows for the different categories of tickets. No pain, all gain! You also don’t have to worry about the constrictions of payment gateways available for your ticket buyers. We offer you cash, check, pay later or absolutely any other means of payment that you wish to set up. 

3. Multi-Currency Support

Our POS app is available to Yapsody event presenters all over the world. All your event ticket transactions will be processed in the currency that you’ve selected in your box office. You may solemnly close that ever open currency conversion tab in your browser as our multi-currency event ticketing platform supports over 150 currencies.

4. Ticket Delivery & Quick Reports

Nothing can be more annoying than waiting in a queue to have your ticket printed out. With our Virtual Box Office, deliver tickets to your guests in a jiffy via email. Simultaneously, your ticket sales and transactions will be recorded and reported in your box office as well as the YapStat app. With YapStat, you have the ability to track your ticket sales report, daily sales report, potential revenue, the revenue you earned at the palm of your hand. Let’s just say with our Virtual Box Office by your side, it’s im-POS-ible to not make your event a great success. 

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