4 Unique Challenges Of Casino Event Ticketing

4 Unique Challenges Of Casino Event Ticketing

Am I going to hit the jackpot? Is what goes through the mind of an average casino guest. Waltzing through the casino floors, enjoying live entertainment acts, gorging on delicious buffets, are some of the major attractions apart from winning big. However, to make their casino events a grand success on a regular basis, a casino event manager has a flurry of challenges to deal with. How many guests should I invite? Will by the ticket counter be able to manage the crowds? Do we have enough bandwidth to host multiple events? 

These are some of the unique challenges every casino manager will face. With Yapsody by their side, these unique challenges will only be a ladder to star-studded success. 

1. Space and Volume

Even when the casinos are huge, there are times when space just doesn’t seem enough to hold their volume of guests in place. Casinos are prized for hosting various events on a single day itself – be it live music concerts, stand up gigs, and so on. As a casino manager, you might be wondering whether to opt for a General Admission style of event or to go for Reserved Seating. Well, as a Yapsody user you can both the sections to facilitate event ticketing for a wider audience. 

2. Multiple Event Creation 

Casinos are not the ones to shy away from hosting a multitude of exclusive events every week. With a wide audience just pouring in and out of their floors every minute, be assured that they have something planned for everyone. Now the challenge remains of creating multiple events or performances while selling their event tickets. With our event ticketing system in place, casino managers have been creating multiple performances for a single event with different time slots and dates for a single event. Come one, come all. 

3. Long Queues and Wait Time

Another challenge which cannot be overlooked. On nights when casinos are hosting game nights or poker tournaments, the queues stretch out long and far. Since everyone wants a piece of that poker action, our casino event presenters use our YapScan and Point of Sale App to shine their way to success. With mobile ticket issuing and scanning available to on-ground casino teams, it becomes easier to cut down on endless queues.   

4. Payment Collection Methods

Casino’s are a 24/7 deal and a global converging point for many guests who frequent the tables and slots. Being in the casino business, you can never ever turn down a guest from attending your casino events because you don’t have global payment options integrated in your event ticketing system. With Yapsody, casino event managers have been hitting the jackpot by integrating multiple online and offline payment gateways for ease of ticket selling. Our Multi-Langauge and Multi-Currency guarantees a star-studded experience for you and your guests. 

Want to elevate your casino event ticketing? Sign up now and hit the jackpot. 

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