3 Ways Yapsody Helps Your Guests Feel Extra Special

3 Ways Yapsody Helps Your Guests Feel Extra Special

Isn’t that why we all organize and host events? To make our guest feel extra special and give them that larger than life experience? If your answer was a YES, then you’re definitely an event manager who goes the extra mile to make event attendees happy. 

A well-planned exclusive event that oozes class, sophistication, and luxury becomes possible with our event ticketing system by your side. Whether it’s an awards ceremony, auctions, conferences or a VIP night at a casino, Yapsody helps your guests feel extra special when it comes to seamless event creation and ticket selling through a host of enterprise-grade features. Here’s how. 

1. Make It Personal

It’s 2020 and no event organizer is leaving any tricks under the bed to impress their event attendees. Believe us when we tell you that making your event marketing approach more personal has a higher success rate for increasing their happiness quotient. Being an exclusive event, you can design an emailer with our Mailchimp integration for that personal touch. 

2. An Invite-Only Event

An event that oozes class and sophistication gets an added layer of exclusivity with invite-only access. Guests feel extra special knowing that they were considered for your event. By setting up access codes for your events, you can give limited access only to a few chosen event attendees. Less is more when it comes to exclusivity.

3. VIP Reservations Anyone?

Nothing arouses your guest’s curiosity more than a VIP event. Imagine a VIP after-party for your exclusive event. Up the ante by creating a reserved seating event and holding tickets for your VIP’s and artists who might show up to your event as a shock value for your other guests. Remember, VIP’s never stand in line so make their event entry as easy as possible.

These were just 3 ways you can use our event ticketing platform to make your guests feel extra special. As an event presenter, there are no limits to what you can do for your attendees. From a simple thank you note to an invite for your future events, never stop surprising your guests. 

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