3 Ways To Make Your Event More Sustainable

3 Ways To Make Your Event More Sustainable

Sustainable events are the need of the hour and rightly so. With a multitude of events happening all over the globe every day, the waste generated from some of them leaves a lasting impact on Mother Nature and her resources. As event organizers and attendees, it’s our responsibility to make sure we make a difference by going eco-friendly or perhaps adopting a more sustainable approach to enjoying events. Here are 3 ways to make your event more sustainable and leave the planet cleaner and greener. 

1. Ditch The Paper And Plastic

Ask any event organizer and their on-ground staff about the nastiest habit of event-goers and they’ll answer that it’s paper and plastic strewn all over the venue. Whether it’s a plastic water bottle or tickets, attendees tend to leave them around without having them disposed of in bins. Although bins are necessary, ditch the ticket paper and plastic items as much as you can. Using our ticket customization option will have you going green in fashion. 

2. Choose Environmental-Friendly Venues

A venue with strict environmental regulations will make your event planning smoother as they will fastrack your efforts. They will have most probably have solar-powered resourced to power your events and cut down on your electricity costs. Filtered water dispensers and reusable linen will go a long way in cutting down your costs and keep your guests happy. 

3. Go Organic

If you’re organizing an event on a farm or somewhere out in nature, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to go organic with your menu options and also making sure they are minimally packaged that doesn’t create too much waste. Reach out to local caterers and make sure you don’t overshoot your food options and end up wasting the food. If you have excess food leftover, consider donating it. 

We hope these inspired you to go green for your next event as sustainability is everyone’s responsibility at the moment. Sign up with us and create your next sustainable event. 

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