3 Ways In Which YapScan & YapStats Makes Your Life Easier

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For the uninitiated, YapScan and YapStats are our ticket validating and data reporting apps that make your event ticketing a breeze. We know how tough it can be as an event organizer to successfully pull off events and handle event day issues. Being in the event ticketing industry for decades, it’s our continuous endeavor to streamline existing ticketing processes for you and your attendees. To make it easier, our mobile apps YapScan and YapStats take the most important aspects of event ticketing off your hands.

Here are 3 ways in which YapScan and YapStats makes your life easier

1. Forget About Long Queues

Using Yapsody is not just about creating, promoting, and selling event tickets. You get an end-to-end ticketing solution through YapScan that automatically syncs between your mobile devices and our servers to ensure that every team member’s mobile device is updated in real-time.

You can also assign separate permissions to your on-ground staff for specific events. For example, you can give scanning permission to all your team members but can elect to reserve the “unscanning” function for specific members only. Meanwhile, you can chill at the bar with a Long Island watching your event unfurl in all its glory. 

2. Focus On The Money

Unless you want to sit down and count all your notes after a successful event night. Our YapStats app turns your iPad and iPhone into an event stats tracker with a single-point view to track your total ticket sales, daily sales report, the revenue you earned, and many more. Event ticketing revenue is a definitive factor for measuring event success and this tool does exactly that through a graphical analysis for easy understanding. 

With YapStats you can access:

  • Daily ticket sales
  • Total number of tickets sold
  • Total number of complimentary tickets offered
  • Total event capacity
  • Comparison between the total revenue you earned and the total revenue you can earn

3. Plan Better For The Future 

Automating your ticket validation and report generation process is rewarding. As an event manager, you can sit back and observe how your event unfolds. With YapScan, you’re not wasting minutes fiddling with tickets and checklists. This increases your brand credibility as someone who puts their guests first. And with YapScan, you’re getting detailed reports of your event. With data available at your fingertips, you can study your audience better to create an even better experience in your upcoming events.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end event ticketing system to boost your ticket sales, sign up here and get handsy with our apps, YapStats and YapScan

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