3 Technology Trends That Will Shape Events In The “New Normal”

3 Technology Trends That Will Shape Events In The “New Normal”

As we gradually ease into the “New Normal” of attending events with extra safety precautions, there are many hospitality & entertainment entities who have opted to advance their technology-based solutions to further streamline their processes. 

Our technology development services have played a pivotal role in elevating their choice of branded digital solutions even before the COVID-19 pandemic set in. As we head into the second half of 2020, it remains to be seen how well the industry adapts with the latest technology in their events. 

Here Are 3 Technology Trends That Will Shape Events In The “New Normal”

1. Contactless Interfaces 

Contactless has become a buzzword not only in the event industry but almost every other line of business. With the aim of having to limit touching surfaces, many event entities will have to adapt and enable contactless interfaces for ticket scanning, validation, and payments. 

One of the prime examples being our free ticket scanning app – YapScan which works in real-time for scanning e-ticket barcodes, e-ticket numbers, or simply scrolling through the attendee list. Our app development experts follow an industry-grade process to deliver custom-designed branded apps suited for your business. 

2. Chatbot Based Help Desks

Customer relationships will be the crux of maintaining loyalty with your event attendees and guests in the “New Normal”. Although, customer support is something that can be handled over the phone lines, while at your event venue, expect help desks and concierge services to be assisted by chatbots and smart apps. 

Fully sanitized chatbot kiosks and help desk apps will enhance your customer support in a simple, easy to understand manner. Led by design and powered by technology, our experts follow global compliances to create value-adding cross-platform web and Electron apps for your guests and internal teams.

3. Online Payment Integrations

Already on the exponential rise, the demand for online payment options are only about to grow even more. With the demand for going paperless in the COVID-era at an all-time high, it’s only a question of time as to how quickly one adapts. Our event ticketing system supports multiple online payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, WePay, and many more. As an event organizer, you can sell tickets online and collect revenue through your preferred choice. 

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State Wise Venue Preference

This infographic contains:

  • General Concert Attendee Behaviour in the United States
  • Region & State-Specific Data Analysis
  • Indoor & Outdoor Concert-Goer Safety Regulation Preference
  • Region-wise Regulation Preferences
  • Top States Most Likely To Attend Concerts With Various Safety Regulations
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