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3 Crucial Factors To Elevate Your Event Branding & Visibility

3 Crucial Factors To Elevate Your Event Branding & Visibility

Events used to be a one-off thing like a monthly carnival or a festival where food, live music acts, and comedy used to converge for a wholesome experience. Your entire town or village used to participate in a memorable experience. 

Now, with the diversity of venue owners and event organizers, event attendees are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an event to attend. What makes them choose from so many options? It starts with the first impression your brand makes or perhaps your long-standing reputation in the event community. Not to forget they’ll choose events that show up first on their search results, making your event visibility a crucial factor as well. 

With Yapsody, you can make your first impression a lasting impression on your event attendees.

Online Ticket Store SamplesYour event branding journey begins when you customize your ticketing domain and personalize every element that makes your brand stand out.  As a venue owner or an independent event manager & marketer, you can…

Customize, Optimize, & Integrate For Enhanced Brand Visibility with Yapsody!

Whether it’s a socially distanced event or an online one, with Yapsody as your ticketing partner, you will never have to settle for less. With decades of experience in helping event entities overcome their marketing challenges, we’ve ingrained those solutions to the forefront of your ticketing interface. 

Here Are 3 Crucial Factors That Will Build Your Event Branding & Visibility

  • Customize Event Content 

Event content is your first line of making an impression and creating a buzz. Create smart, easy-to-understand for your ticketing store, along with variations of the same messaging on your social media platforms and flyers. 

Maintain a highlight reel of your past events through images and YouTube videos which can be added to your ticketing page on Yapsody. This entices the ticket buyer further to be part of your amazing events.

Following up this effort through surveys and feedback forms during the event and post-event is equally important. It creates a strong brand recall as attendees can voice their opinions and feel valued. All of this can be achieved through your personal ticketing domain on Yapsody. 

  • Optimize Ticketing Portal Designs

Event design is one of the most extensive areas when it comes to event branding. Your event listing design to event merchandise, each of the event design collaterals must work to build brand recall and identity. 

With online engagement shooting through the roof, your brand design and social media persona can define your success rate and improve your visibility. The more creative your designs are, the more compelled your event attendees will be to share them on their feed.  

With Yapsody, you can choose to customize your color schemes, icons, and social media widgets that best suit your brand so make sure your designs are not just impactful on-ground, but also for the digital and mobile mediums.

  • Integrate Event Marketing

People are looking for safe and socially distanced events now more than ever.Of course, you can go that extra mile on social media channels and email marketing techniques to spread the word about how safe your event is.

But sometimes, what might set you apart from the competition is the exclusivity that you offer. With our Invite-Only feature, large-scale operations such as the Dauphin Island Sea Lab are cruising through the COVID wave safely. Enhancing your event exclusivity and maintaining privacy by creating different types of Invite-Only access codes enables your event to market itself and improve your visibility through word-of-mouth.

Goes without saying, you can do more than just amplify your visibility with our event marketing features such as: 

  • SEO For Events: Optimize your shows and events to appear on top of Google’s search results with our in-built search optimization tools.
  • Website Integrations: Integrate online ticketing into your WordPress or WIX website and also use widgets for redirecting your visitors to your online ticket store.
  • Email Marketing: Reach out to relevant audiences and promote your upcoming events with our Mailchimp integration.
  • Event Tracking & Analytics: Track your Online Ticket Store activity with our Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics integration to track your real-time conversions with ease.

Those looking for a tailor-made approach to your marketing, branding, and audience engagement, do check out our marketing suite of services. Now that you know the crucial factors directing your event branding & visibility, don’t forget to sign up with us and spread the word.

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