3 Creative Digital Marketing Tools to Promote your Event

3 Creative Digital Marketing Tools to Promote your Event

The biggest challenge that prevails in the event industry is reaching out to your potential audience. Selling out your event isn’t all that difficult if you implement the right marketing strategies to generate more leads for your event. As an event presenter, there are plenty of tools available to you to promote your event online. Are you unsure about what might be the right tool to use? Here are three basic but very powerful tools you must consider to publicize your event.

Social Media
Still wondering how to use social media to attract your potential attendees? With half of the world’s population available on social media, you can easily target your audience with the help of the right marketing ideas. Roll out contests to engage with your attendees. Introduce multiple offers and discounts for your attendees on sharing your event on social media. Most importantly, use the right channel and the right marketing strategies to advertise and sell out your event.

SEO as a digital marketing tool can benefit event presenters in promoting their events organically. SEO is a way of optimizing your web page such that your page rank higher in the Google search engine results. Better ranking means more visibility to your prospective attendees which in turn will increase ticket sales. This is your opportunity to get creative with the event page’s content, title, and meta description. There’s a lot you can do to optimize your page. To know more, read our guide on getting ranked first in the search engine results.

Email Marketing
Did you know that after social media, email marketing is the most powerful tool to promote your event online? Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your event directly to your attendees. That being said, not all emails will land up in their inbox. As email users, we tend to delete promotional emails unless we come across highly interesting subject lines. Create an email campaign using the best email marketing techniques that will intrigue your attendees and open your email. Let’s say, you’re hosting an event called “Kickin it Old Skool 5”, featuring multiple artists and DJs, an ideal subject line of your promotional email would look like this “It’s the party of the year in Walker, MN”.

If you’re planning an event, get creative using these event marketing tools to promote and drive more attendees to your event. Sell tickets online for your event with Yapsody NOW!

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