Yapsody offers 24×7 Customer Support & Live Webinar to Presenters

Yapsody offers 24×7 Customer Support & Live Webinar to Presenters

We’ll be there for you, 24×7 with our Yapsody Support team.

Free Webinar & Live Demo!

Yapsody offers Webinar Services wherein we provide live demos of our products on a weekly basis. Within an hour’s duration, we explain to you various Yapsody features so that you can take maximum advantage of our system. And in case you miss the webinar, we always provide the link to our recorded sessions that you can watch later.

We understand that your happiness is related to your satisfaction, which is why we offer you all these channels if you need any help. And that is why we always say “Happy Ticketing!” when we correspond with you.

Email Us!

Yapsody provides 24×7 Email Support. If you ever need help, you can simply drop in an email at support@yapsody.com or fill up the email form available at the Help Center.

Follow Us!

We worship social media, and so you can find us across all digital platforms – Twitter and Facebook. If you tweet to us, drop in a message on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be attended to in a matter of moments.

Chat With Us!

With a 24×7 chat support, you can be assured that we’ll even respond to you and your customers.

Chat Support actually offers a five-way advantage:

  1. Our Chat Support Professional will cater to your doubts immediately and you can receive clarification on multiple issues in a single go.
  2. We also send screenshots to ensure seamless guidance.
  3. Although we have a number of features in Support System, Chat Support is the definite show-stealer as more than 70% of our customers contact us on chat. It definitely is a winner, because it takes so little efforts to click on that little side window that’s always there and receive help in a single click!
  4. Yapsody is a B2B enterprise, but we offer chat solutions to you (Presenters) as well as your customers. On your event page of ticket selling system, we have installed a chat widget that your customers can use to contact us and we’ll guide them through their purchase.
  5. Our Chat Support Professionals are trained to answer any technical query, but if your customer is seeking some event related information, we’ll send an email to you requesting clarification on the same and then your end user will be updated about it. This ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Phone Support!

You can always email us between 5:30 AM PST – 6:30 PM PST requesting a callback, and our Voice Callback Support Professional will ring you up according to your preference.

Help Center…

At our Help Center, you’ll have 24×7 access to Support FAQ & Knowledge Articles which will assist you and your customers to get the required information in a few seconds. Although we are the Flash of Support Systems, it will save you the time and effort of dropping a query to us and waiting for a response when you can get detailed instructions in our database itself. Also, if we receive new queries, we update them in our Support Center, which is divided into different categories to better assist you and your end users.

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