21 Themes to Get Inspired By For Your Next Event

21 Themes to Get Inspired By For Your Next Event

Are you looking outside the window thinking about unique special event ideas and creative event themes for your next event? The skyscrapers or the blue skies may not give your themes our blog will offer you. We’ve spent some quality time researching on the best event themes and kept the groundwork ready for you. The only thing left for you is to conceptualize your event around one of these 21 unique themes and make it memorable and interesting for your attendees.

                                                                         Fun Themes
1. The Time Machine
Take your attendees back in time. Host your events with a 70’s, 80’s, or the 90’s theme. Let your attendees dress up as per the era. Bring back the nostalgia, play music and create an ambiance they’ll keep buzzing about for weeks. You can take inspiration from The Village Aberdeen, their ultimate 80’s night is a perfect example if you want to host a similar event.

2. Moulin Rouge
Inspired by the movie? This theme revolves around vibrant colors like red and gold. Let the ladies flaunt their finest haute couture with a satin red corset, tutu frilly skirts, sequins while men can wear black suits with top hats for the event. Add glamor to your party by lighting up your venue. Set the mood with catchy cabaret music and let the party begin.

3. The Red Carpet
Make your attendees feel like celebrities. Roll out the red carpet at your entrance. Have a step and repeat backdrop for your corporate’s next awards function or this year’s New Year bash. Arrange photographers for the paparazzi feel. Surprise your attendees by inviting a celebrity at your event if your budget permits.

4. The World of Music
Make your event fun and interesting with the world of music theme. It offers multiple choices to your attendees. They can choose to be Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. Shake the dance floor with the popular hits from the legendary singers and let your attendees have a great time.

5. The Bikers Club
One of our favorite themes, the bikers club theme allows you to make your event fun and adventurous. The decor can include mini motorcycles that can be placed at every table. Checkered flags, helmets, and curvy roads can be used as a part of the decor. Your attendees can dress up as bikers do with leather jackets and bracelets and biker gloves.

                                                                       Festive Themes
6. Halloween Horror
With 50 days left for Halloween, how have you planned to spook your guests? Be it zombie, witches and wizards, or a vampire-themed party, get your eerie outfits and get ready to scare the hell out of your friends, family or attendees this Halloween. We have an entire list of Halloween themes you can choose from. Read our blog on “10 Halloween Themes To Host The Greatest Party Of All Time” to know more. 

7. Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras is all about parades, masks, parties and beads. Every color has a meaning. something. While purple represents justice, green means faith, gold represents power. Your attendees can don a dress in one of the three popular colors of Mardi Gras. You can choose to organize a parade or host a small party at your venue.

8. Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
Looking for a Mexican theme for your event? Go for the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. It’s a celebration of the Mexican army’s incredible victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. To begin with, welcome your attendees with spicy grapefruit margaritas and some Mexican folk music. If your event is in the evening, place colorful candles (preferably red, white or green), lanterns or luminaries at different corners of your venue. Make sure your venue is surrounded by Papel Picado as it represents Mexican folk art.

The Carnival
A carnival theme can mean be an interesting theme for kids and adults alike. From streamers, balloons to banners and bunting, carnivals give you an opportunity to decorate your venue beautifully. Just like Mardi Gras, you can organize a parade, entertain your attendees with jugglers or host a happening carnival party at your venue.

The Winter Wonderland
Create the magic of  Christmas with the winter wonderland theme. Silver sprayed branches, twinkling lights and cotton snowflakes when added to your decor can make your venue a real wonderland. For food and drinks, you can offer roasted chicken along with champagne, wine or your choice of beers.

                                                                    Regional Themes
Texas Theme
Invite the cowboys and cowgirls to have a great time at your event. Apart from the cowboy hats and boots, let the countryside music and the traditional Texas dance, take your party to the next level. You can also invite country singers to offer live entertainment to your attendees.

Hawaiin Theme
Aloha! As you greet your attendees with this term, welcome them with Leis (necklace or garland made of flowers) and tropical cocktails like a piña colada, Mai Tais or a tropical punch with real fruit. Create fake volcanoes around the venue. The traditional Hawaiian Luaus can include grass skirts, and Haku headbands as well as coconut cups. Men don’t need to wear that, they can simply wear a floral printed shirt and shorts for your Hawaiin themed party.

China Town
Transform your venue with a string of lights. Use vibrant colors like red, orange, crimson and gold for your decor. You can place Chinese lanterns in every corner of your space. You can also place characters like Kung fu Panda or have posters of the red dragon to go with the theme. Let your attendees dress up in traditional attire. The ladies can wear a Qipao while the men can wear a Changshan (long shirt).

This theme doesn’t need an introduction. Whether you’re hosting a food fest with beers or wine tasting event, Oktoberfest theme is sure to rock your event. Let the attendees enjoy your event in the traditional Oktoberfest attire. The ladies can wear the best of Dirndl and men can flaunt their Lederhosens at your Oktoberfest themed party.

Bollywood Theme
If you’re looking for some melodrama, lively Bollywood music and a lot of colors, you’ve got to go with the Bollywood theme. Bollywood is known for the best dialogues and their upbeat music. Kickstart the party with the greatest Bollywood hits and make sure everyone is dressed in the traditional Indian attire. While the ladies can be dressed in a saree, lehenga or a salwar, men can wear kurtas or sherwanis.

                                                                     Hollywood Themes
Harry Potter Theme
Create a magical event with the Harry Potter theme. Honor the Hogwarts Houses with colors like green, blue, red and yellow. You may not have a giant castle or the magic wand to turn yours in one, but you can definitely decorate your venue with fake owls and a DIY floating candles. Spruce up the table with Harry Potter snacks like butterbeer popcorn or Hogwarts letter cookies. Set up a photo booth with props like Harry’s glasses, Hogwarts ties, sorting hats and a golden snitch.

Superheroes Theme
We all wanted to be superheroes once in our lifetime. Organize an event with the superhero theme. Believe us, you’ll be surprised at the response your event will receive. Be it Batman, Wonderwoman or the mighty Hulk, you’re sure to find every superhero you can think of at your event. You can set up a photo booth for this event too with props for every superhero. For example, you can keep a box full of masks and capes.

The Pirates Party
Ahoy Matey! Invite all the sailors(attendees) to join you in your jolly good pirate-themed party. For the decor, buy a pirate flag from the dollar store, place barrels, cannonballs and a treasure chest at your venue. To let everyone enjoy the pirate spirit, host a fancy dress competition. Let your attendees dress up with buccaneer hats, breeches, trousers, waistcoats and an eye patch to match the theme.

We all love that one Disney character, we’ve always watched since childhood. Host a Disney theme party and let your attendees dress up as Cinderella, Elsa from Frozen or Peter Pan. You can host some exciting games like pin the mickey mouse or a scavenger hunt for your attendees.

Toga or a Gladiator Party
With white-robed guests, a buffet of grapes, cheese and barbeque chicken and freely flowing wine, kickstart your Toga party. Plastic grapes among leaves can add a beautiful effect. If you want it to be a mix of both, your attendees can dress up as gladiators with fake abs like in the movie Meet the Spartans.

Casino Royale
Create a casino ambiance at your venue. You can set up multiple tables so your attendees can move about easily after each card game. If your budget permits, you can take a few slot machines on rent. Make sure your attendees are dressed to kill. Choose a couple of games like poker or blackjack to make the theme realistic. You can either play with real cash or with the casino chips.

With these 21 themes in front of you, you can pick and choose one and make your event the talk of the town. To help you save on the ticketing fees for any of these events, Yapsody has rolled out the holiday season offers. Avail a 25% off by using the promo code – HOLIDAY25. Create your events with these beautiful themes and offer your attendees a seamless ticketing experience with Yapsody. Sign up NOW!

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