Your 2019 Guide To The Most Effective Event Promotion Channels

Marketing events and devising how to sell event tickets online can be chaotic in 2019. Here’s a guide for the most effective event promotion channels that will take your event marketing ideas a notch up.

Create Blog Posts

If your company has an active official blog, use it to publish posts that will boost your event marketing. Make sure your content offers value to the reader before selling the event directly. Do a series of interviews with the event presenters that will deliver event context to prospective attendees.

Film a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video to showcase the amount of careful planning that goes into organizing an event and publish the video on the blog. Using visuals creates an engaging yet informative experience for viewers. Avoid content that is extremely promotional.

Find A Ticketing Platform

While expecting your audience to turn up on your platform to buy tickets is a fair expectation, think from their perspective. If they are unaware of your ticketing platform, they won’t be able to discover your events. 

Partner up with a third party that has already invested in promoting its online event ticketing platform. This platform spends its time and resources in gauging your audience’s behavior and conversion patterns when it comes to selling event tickets online and coming up with cool promotional event ideas.

This significantly enhances potential ticket sales, while saving you the hassle of starting from scratch and entering the conversion funnel.

Leverage the Power of SEO

Simple as it may sound, a lot of event planners tend to overlook this basic traffic-generating activity. This works on two levels – introducing your upcoming event to audiences searching for relevant knowledge on the web and creating awareness among potential attendees.

Develop a consistent keyword strategy that is in context with your competition’s rankings as well as the relevance of your offerings. Ensure that your website is mobile responsive as that directly impacts the ranking and conversion process.

Reach Out to Past Attendees

In the quest to acquire and retain larger audiences, don’t forget to reach out to those who’ve already vouched for your effectiveness in the past.

If you have already held an event or if you have some registrations for parallel events, then these guests should be your first set of invitees. Encourage them to spread the word by offering them unique referral codes that can be easily shared in their social network. Earn your registrations by offering them a discount on new event registrations.

With this event marketing plan, you can not only explore the right audience but also influencers and evangelists on how to promote an event successfully.

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