Top Event Trends Every Presenter Must Know for 2019

Top Event Trends Every Presenter Must Know for 2019

With half of 2019 gone with the wind, event trends continue to revolutionize the industry. Find out how the latest trends can facilitate in taking your event experience up a notch. Strategize your event in alignment with these trends to bolster online ticket sales and generate incremental revenues.

According to a Launchmetrics report published in 2018, 28.1% of professionals prefer to work with influencers mainly for events. Influencers are not new to event presenters. But if you’re planning your first event, then this is for you. Influencers are people with a large number of followers on social media that can persuade their followers to interact with your product/service. Partner with the right influencers and build a sustainable and profitable relationship for either of you. A perfect example of successful influential marketing is Dunkin’ Donuts. In 2017, they partnered with a digital talent network and entertainment studio, Collab to create a national Snapchat campaign, with some creative and engaging content. They chose eight popular influencers to create and promote content about their offers on Dunkin’ Donuts’ Snapchat channel. This resulted in ten times more followers on their Snapchat channel on National Donut Day. The campaign reached 3 million people, with 40,000 cases of engagement. Isn’t that awesome?

Personalization Tech
Personalizing content before promoting can change the result of your marketing campaign. Personalizing your email to promote your event, can help you increase the email open rate. Remember you are interacting with a human, not a computer. Most email marketing softwares like MailChimp allow you to include your reader’s first/full names. For a better response rate, use the reader’s name in the subject line to get their attention quicker. Read more on personalization and email marketing tips in our detailed blog.

Event Apps
Among all the event trends, event apps will continue to influence events. The ease it brings to perform tasks at the palm of your hand, make it an effective tech trend. Event apps make tasks like validating attendees, scanning tickets and reporting simple and quick. At Yapsody, we offer event presenters, mobile apps to facilitate ticket sales. These apps save time, reduce queues and give real-time sales reports, so event presenters can quickly strategize a better plan to accelerate ticket sales. Event apps are not just for event presenters. Attendees prefer using event apps to connect and organize meetings and conferences. It helps them to build connections with other attendees before and after the event. As an event presenter, choose event apps that will give you and your attendees a seamless event experience, right from the entry to the exit. As of event attendees, opt for event apps that make networking easy for your attendees. Integrate these apps with social media platforms and take networking to the next level.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI is a process of training a machine to think like how a human would. The integration of AI in the event industry can help event organizers save time and plan events better. Using AI, digital marketers can leverage big data on their potential attendees. This data empowers event presenters to develop marketing campaigns and social media strategies to efficiently sell tickets online. AI can improve your attendee’s interaction process with you through the website they’re purchasing your event tickets from. Most websites integrate chatbots on their websites to smartly answer queries of the website visitors.

Personalized Chat Support
There is a rising trend in chatbot adoption across the board, however, the event industry needs to be slightly wary about this. While brands try to automate customer service, it is important to address your attendee’s queries on a personal, empathetic level to make them feel valued. There are times attendees may abandon the ticket purchase session because the robotic responses they received did not accurately answer their question. At Yapsody, we believe in providing high-level customer service to our presenters before, during and after the event. We offer 24×7 chat support for both event presenters and attendees wanting to book tickets online.

With technology advancing to a new level, event companies are trying to capture information regarding their attendee’s profiles, interests, social media behavior and feedback. Handling a lot of sensitive information can be risky. From misusing third-party data to the exchange of data, it is challenging for event presenters to secure their events and attendees from cyber attacks. Follow these 3 steps to secure your attendees from cyber attacks.

  • Educate your attendees – Give you attendees basic education about how to protect their data from hackers or viruses. For instance, you can advise them to avoid any online activity that involves the sharing of financial data while connected to free wifi/open networks.
  • Protect the data – Every event organizer should use a licensed version of security solutions like antivirus software and firewalls to secure connections and protect the attendee’s personal data. If you’re organizing events in Europe, you know the importance of data privacy and the GDPR laws. Yapsody is GDPR compliant and keeps attendee information secure. Read Yapsody’s GDPR policy here.
  • Secure the event area – To ensure that the event area is safe, block spying devices, cameras, data capturing and listening systems.

Apart from securing your event area and protecting your personal data, Yapsody employs a cross-functional team responsible for oversight of PCI Compliance and avoid credit card frauds. Plan your cybersecurity strategy in a way that any information communicated at the venue cannot be captured. At the same time make sure that computers, mobile phones or tablets remain safe from hackers and cybercrime experts.

Apply these revolutionary event trends of 2019 and stay ahead of the game. The integration of new trends along with an effective online ticketing system is sure to give your attendees an unforgettable event experience and high sales numbers for you. Sign up Now! Sell your first 50 tickets for free.

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