Here’s What People Want At A New Year’s Eve Party

Here’s What People Want At A New Year’s Eve Party

First and foremost, a very Happy New Year to all you folks! You guys need really special wishes because no matter what time of the year it is, you never get to actually enjoy your holidays. In fact, holidays mean more work than usual when you’ve to put all your head into planning a competition-worthy event for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and oh, New Year’s Eve!

So, along with a big yay for all event presenters, I decided to give you guys the kind of information that would completely turn around the way you look at NYE events – the results of a recent survey of around thousand people regarding New Year celebrations.

It is a popular belief that a big chunk of people want their NYE to be packed with a lot of grooving and boozing, but the results revealed otherwise. Apparently, 73% of people said that a perfect New Year’s Eve would mean spending it with friends and family, while a good 63% only wanted good food. Apart from that, it was also found that 67% of the people wanted to celebrate their NYE at home, and 54% of the younger generation (18-24 years) would happily pass the alcohol. Isn’t this the kind of revelation that would make you somehow feel the Illuminati are behind it all?

Now that the results have sunk in, what are you going to do about it? There’s a lot that you could do to use this data to your advantage (since more than half of the population wants to celebrate at home, you HAVE to do something really great to get them out and attend your event), but I’d be more than happy to let you in on a few starters:


If they really want to spend their NYE with their friends and families, you should be targeting them with group offers and discounts. You could also give them VIP tickets so that they could have a personal space within the event to share with their close ones.


Create what has popularly come to be known as FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, amongst your target audience. Show them videos of your past parties, feedbacks of your past attendees, pictures, slideshows – absolutely anything that would make them step out of their homes and participate in your event.


Since that sounds vague, let me be clearer – have multiple ticket types. While there might be quite a handful of your attendees who’d appreciate premium or VIP tickets at the expense of a few dollars, the rest might probably be wishing for an early bird discount. Make sure you divide your tickets into appropriate slabs and price them accordingly.


They might have enjoyed your party so far, but they might still consider returning to the comfort of their homes or being with their cozier group after the clock has struck twelve (and maybe just before that, too). If you really want them to stick around, make sure the live music is on and that you have food and drinks available. You could also partner with mobile stalls and small vendors to achieve this.


While beer and vodka make them look cooler, youngsters actually prefer being in their senses as the party goes on. After all, who wants to start a fresh year with a terrible hangover and a bucket full of vomit? Instead of just offering coke and water, expand your range of non-alcoholic drinks to include milkshakes, fresh juices, lemonade, green tea, and so on.


When it comes to NYE events, people buy the event tickets only at these two particular times – one, immediately after the tickets go on sale and two, in the week the event is supposed to take place. If you want to stay ahead of the race, start selling your tickets ASAP and make sure you’re driving the audience to your page consistently to maintain the sales till the end.

In conclusion, you could actually think of more ways to throw a bigger bash this year and make the party a memorable one, but these six tips are more than enough to get you started, like the New Year!

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