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12 Unique Christmas Party Games For Kids

Christmas Party Games Ideas for Kids

A Christmas party without a game is as good as a Christmas tree without ornaments. At Yapsody, Christmas came in early! Helping our event presenters create a successful event this holiday season is our reason for the season. Hence, we’ve kicked off the holiday season and the Christmas planning well in advance. 

Be it creating blogs on Christmas party games for adults and out-of-the-box office Christmas ideas,  you can get the most out of these planning resources. 

Here are 12 unique Christmas party games ideas for kids to keep them entertained:

1. Straw & Bells

In this game, you’ll need plastic straws, bells, and two plates per player. In one minute, using the straw the player needs to transfer as many bells as they can to the other plate. The player with the maximum bells on the plate wins the game. You can replace those bells with confetti or popcorn as well to play the game during any other occasion.

2. Cookie Hunt

Place cookies around the house and leave hints or cookie trails. Divide the kids into teams and begin the cookie hunt. You can spread a similar aroma in places where the cookie isn’t placed or leave some hot chocolate in a corner to make this game fun and interesting. The team with the maximum cookies in a minute is the winner and takes away the cookie hamper.

3. Reindeer Nose

Keep one pompom per player with a red ribbon tied to it. Apply a little petroleum jelly on the kid’s nose. The kid has to put one end of the ribbon in their mouth and swing the ribbon till it touches the nose and gets stuck. The one who does it first wins the game.

4. Entangling the Candy

This game needs a bowl of candy canes and a plate. The kids need to use the curved part of the candy to entangle the other candy canes with their mouths and put them on the other plate. The player with maximum candies on the other plate is the winner.

5. Pass the Marshmallows

In this game, you’ll need a bag full of marshmallows, spoons. You can make 2 or more teams. One team will have 2 members. The first player places the marshmallows one by one with a spoon in the mouth from one bowl to another. The second player will stack it up. The team that creates the longest marshmallow stack in a minute is the winner.

6. How Many Life Savers Do you Have?

This game requires a lot of Life Savers or ring-shaped peppermints with a hole and cocktail sticks or uncooked spaghetti. Line up the 7 Life Savers in a way that the hole is facing the kids. The kids need to pick all the candy using only the cocktail sticks in their mouths. Basically, they need to stack all the ring-shaped peppermints on the spaghetti in one minute.

7. Unwrap the Candy

Keep 2 mittens per kid and a lot of small-sized wrapped-up candies. Players need to wear mittens and unwrap the candies and the one who unwraps the maximum candies in a minute are the winners. 

You can replace the candies with cookies or anything of your choice to make it more kid-friendly and Christmas-friendly.

8. Aim For The Snowman

Paint the cups all white with a red nose to give it a snowman look. In this game, you can have multiple teams. This game needs you to pile up the plastic cups but a little differently. 

Every team can have 2 players where one player will be blindfolded, while the other will give directions to pile up the plastic cups. The team that piles up the maximum cups in a minute is the winner.

9. Aim & Fire

For this game, you’ll need an A4 size paper, a bowl of Skittles or any other ball-shaped candy, a table, and a tray/bowl as the target. Roll the A4 size paper to form hollow pipes and tape it so the pipe structure doesn’t open up. 

The player needs to put one candy in the paper pipe at one time, aim at the target and blow the pipe in a way that it lands in the tray. The kids with maximum skittles in the bowl is the winner.

10. Catch the Ball

You’ll need 1 balloon per team, 1 plastic cup, 1 table, and loads of ping pong balls. Form a team with 2 players, one player on either side of the table. One will stand with the balloon and ping pong balls in a bowl(placed on the table)while the other will stand with the cup. Place 1 ball on the table at a time. 

The game begins with blowing the balloon and releasing the air of the balloon to push the ping pong ball into the cup your partner is holding on the other side. The team with the maximum collection in a minute is the winner.

11. Sort the Candy

Keep plastic cups per player and multicolored marbles in each cup. Each player needs to sort the marble colors by picking one at a time. They CAN’T pour the entire candy from the cup on a plate and then sort them. The player who sorts out the maximum candy in a minute wins the game.

12. Drape the Snowman

You can have multiple teams in this game. The task here is, your team has to drape one player with white crepe paper. You can be as creative as you want, add a red nose or make him wear a Santa hat. The game needs to be played on one side of the room, that way all the snowmen who are ready can begin the race without waiting for the other. 

The snowman who reaches the finish line first without the paper crepes opening up is the winner. Play festive Christmas music and let the snowman games begin.

We hope these fun Christmas party game ideas keep your kids and guests entertained. Use our event ticketing platform, you can create & manage events, price your tickets, market your events, and brand them according to your choice. 

Sign up now and make the most out of our online event ticketing features for a jolly good season.

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