10 Tips For Last Minute Christmas Promotions

10 Tips For Last Minute Christmas Promotions

Winter is coming. Even if you aren’t a Game of Thrones fan, this stirs you up as it involves planning memorable Christmas parties on the horizon. And what does Christmas bring apart from joy, prosperity, and mistletoes? Plenty of holiday shopping, spending, and partying, of course. 

With party planning, comes a great deal of promotions. However, with Christmas, you know it’s more about getting down to it with last-minute event promotions. This is why you, as an event organizer and event marketer, could use this festive season to your advantage with our tips for last-minute Christmas promotions.

1. 50% Christmas Discounts

Highlighting discounts as the main title or a sub-title in your event blog posts can act like magnets. Though it’s an old promotional tactic, it gives you a savvy edge while luring your Christmas attendees. 

Time your discounts so that they stay in demand throughout your event marketing campaign. Christmas being such a universal affair, you can choose to create early group discounts, single-use promo codes, and even custom discounts to lure in your audiences at the last minute. 

Make sure to sign up with us to utilize our 5 Types Of Discount Options for boosting your last-minute Christmas promotions.

2. Custom Gift Cards

Conduct a stock calculation with this tactic to ensure that your gift cards seem fresh and relevant to your brand of events. Rotate your inventory and keep gift cards limited to a specific target, mostly your loyal brand advocates. This way, your last-minute promotions are amplified through your strongest event fans and brand loyalists.

3. 12 Days Of Giveaways

If you watch The Ellen Show, you can act smug and have the “I know what this is about” face on. This is a classic Christmas theme and you can definitely run it as a promotional strategy on twelve products or premium event services, a different one every day in the twelve days leading up to Christmas. 

You can expose a wide range of your event sponsor’s products as a push to show up at your Christmas parties for even more goodies and giveaways. Don’t forget to check out our 5 To-Dos For Ticket Giveaways On Social Media.

4. Supercharge Your Surcharges

Did your last-minute Christmas ticket sales shoot up and are about to sell out? Go all out and make the best of it by applying a surcharge to your tickets on a per transaction basis. The FOMO tactic is infamous for luring last-minute attendees when they notice a certain event is gaining all the buzz. 

Pro-Tip: With Yapsody, you can create your surcharges based on ticket sale location either from your Box Office or Online Ticket Store so that you as an event organizer don’t miss out on the Holiday bonuses.

5. Offers For Them, By Them

Your attendees prefer sponsored products or services when they consider attending your Christmas parties You can offer them a choice to get any product/service they like at a flat 20% discount. Don’t automatically restock the old products that have been bought, because fresh holiday products spark more interest. 

On the other hand, if you have a premium sponsor on board, offer their special products as part of your Christmas brunch or wine and dine New Years’ event.

6. Personalized Email Promos

Through effective email subject lines, offer them privileged or custom discounts to lure them to your Christmas shows and events. If you’ve won a decent sponsorship exposure, you could mail those branded coupon codes and offers and make them feel special in leading up to them to show up at your venue and opening up their wallets. 

But, don’t make this practice a one-time thing. If you really like someone and are going to ask them out for Christmas Eve, you’ll keep them engaged and interested months before that. It works the same way with your Christmas party promos too.

Here are 9 Quirky Christmas Party Invitations you can send out to your entire subscriber base.

7. Create An Invite-Only Christmas

An exclusive invite-only event will speed up your promotions and add a real spark to when you handpick your elite attendees and send them these personal invites. Add good food, wine, music, Secret Santa, and your Christmas will be one for the books. Not only will your customers feel valued, but people will also try to get on the invite list by becoming loyal to your brand.

8. Make Them Feel Valued 

And treat them right. This not only refers to the service you’re providing but also understanding what they really want and accommodating them accordingly. Knowing your Christmas guests and patrons and treating them to the good things like – an exquisite dinner, a sports event, a live music event helps your brand reputation in the long run.

9. Gift Hampers

This is where you can go crazy and quirky with your promotions depending on the unconventional Christmas ideas you may have planned. You can have tailor-made holiday hampers for your VIPs, Sponsors, and Influencers. Also, include new products or venue services that you want your guests to sample or experience. 

Do note that your gift hampers can be big or small and don’t necessarily have to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts, you know!

10. Co-Branded Christmas

Partner with other businesses and brands that are relevant to your events or Christmas to offer joint packages. You could also tie-up with a charity and do some good to the world. This will not only help you in building a good brand image but also play your part in this world during the auspicious Christmas season. 

Make sure to glance through our Christmas Eve Ideas that will help you organize community-based events that are all about sharing and caring. 

We hope these 10 tips help you power through your last-minute Christmas promotions without missing a beat. For holiday event-related ideas, tips, and insights, stay tuned and subscribe to our blog.

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